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Style | Styling Your Home with African Masks

Style | Styling Your Home with African Masks

Traditional masks have been incorporated within African ceremonies and cultural celebrations for thousands of years. Today, these artefacts are often used as a stylistic counterpoint to contemporary styles, adding an artisanal element to modern designs.

Artisans & Adventurers latest African Mask collection has been hand carved by small artisan groups that our co-founder, Bee met during her travels there earlier this year. 

Curate a unique interior within your home by browsing the recent selection of African masks at Artisans & Adventurers. They are provocative, stylish, and sure to create a lively topic of conversation within your home.

blue african mask on wall
Here are three easy tips for building a stunning display that adds culture, history, and mythology to your living space:

First, decide which area you plan to utilise. The amount of available space will help to determine which mask you choose and how many.

Is wall space limited? Not an issue! Many cultural masks are designed to be independent pieces or to fit into tighter areas, such as our 'Crocodile Mask'. The slim design of this mask makes it perfect for decorating smaller spaces such as hallways or above doors.

africa crocodile masks artisans and adventurers

Second, explore the cultural mythology behind the use of masks. Masks have long been used as home décor, especially for the eclectic and worldly decorator. They are a thoughtful way to tell a story, bring depth and texture to a wall, and complement the rest of your interior. They can also be used to highlight the rich history, religious traditions, and artistic spirit of a certain place and its people. Global cultures rely on masks for a wide range of religious and ritualistic purposes, using them as transits to the spiritual world. In Africa, masks are used to translate ancient wisdom from ancestors; whereas in Ghana, they are used for spiritual purposes, often accompanied by religious dances.

full black african mask being held

Our new collection of masks are handmade by artisan groups in Ghana exclusively for Artisans & Adventurers. Many of the motifs used in West African masks include images of animals, ancestors, and feminine beauty. The warm colours give brightness and a touch of lightheartedness that emphasise the decorations carved into the wood. The colours red, white and black are indicative of the mask traditions of many of the peoples of this region.

The Painted Lady mask

Lastly, select authentic styles that are made in a traditional manner. The key to styling your home with masks is to choose authentic versions that are skilfully crafted from regionally sourced materials. These increasingly coveted ceremonial showpieces will help you bring authentic depth, texture, and intrigue to any room in your home.

So if you’re looking to create a unique living space or make an artistic statement, there’s no better choice than an African mask to furnish your home. With a selection of neutral and bold colours available in store now, those who appreciate vibrant motifs will surely find something that suits their style.


Words by Sarah Beringer

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