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5 Decoration Ideas for Your Child’s Safari Bedroom

5 Decoration Ideas for Your Child’s Safari Bedroom

Written by Kerrie Cox


Born to be wild? If your child likes to play pretend, go on adventures, and loves the outdoors, a safari-themed bedroom is the perfect choice for your little explorer. Let your kid discover the continents from their very own bedroom. If you’ve been asking questions like, how do I decorate my child’s bedroom? Or how can I make my child’s room more special? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve got 5 great ways for you to inspire your vibrant and aesthetic jungle-themed kid’s room.

You’ll be happy to hear that it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Either spruce up the space with safari-themed accessories or transform the bedroom into an indoor jungle. With any of these dream décor ideas, your child will be amazed at how ROAR-some their new bedroom looks!


Safari-Themed Wall Décor

The right wall decorations turn dull, empty walls into exciting and engaging features. Go bold with bright colours to truly express your child’s fun and nature-loving personality. Make a statement with anything from safari animal wall head décor to colourful crocodiles, to wall hangings that double up as rugs. Everything is handmade so you can be assured it’s made to last.

The great thing about our wall décor collections is that they are for any age, meaning as your child grows up, they won’t grow out of it. With so many variants of each decoration available, the creative décor ideas are endless. Below are a few of my suggestions, simply click the pictures to shop.

Ghanaian Crocodile Mask, Jungle Green Indian Paper Mache Tiger Mask, Orange

Ugandan Wall Head Decoration, Elephant Kenyan Woven Wall Hanging, Tiger Zimbabwean Beaded Animal Head, Lion


    African Animal Coat Hooks & Door Handles

    Leave space for your child to play and make your life easier by hanging their coats on our African hooks. Keeping their coats and jackets off the floor (or the dreaded chair that soon becomes a laundry pile), will keep their bedroom tidier. Handmade using recycled brass by Ghanaian artisans, these wall hooks make the best option for an authentic safari children’s bedroom.

    With so many options to choose from, your child can pick their favourite animals. Why not pair their coat hooks with a matching door handle to finish the look? You can even use the handles on their wardrobes and cupboards for satisfying coordination.

    Ghanaian Brass Hooks, Lion and Leopard Ghanaian Brass Hook, Crocodile
    Ghanaian Brass Handle, Dancing Snake Ghanaian Brass Hook, Frog



      Jungle Animal Stools and Stands

      Our iconic wooden stools are a must-have for jungle safari-themed kids’ rooms. Handmade and hand-painted by our artisan friends in Kenya, each design is inspired by some of Africa’s most adored animals. If your child loves the striking stripes on the tiger, the zany look of the zebra, or the unique gentle giraffe, they will love having one in their bedroom. Available in three sizes, the designs can be mixed and matched to create their very own safari park. Use them as children’s seating, lamp or book stands, or a step for your little one to reach their shelves.

      Wooden Animal Stools, Tiger  Wooden Animal Stools, Zebra
      Wooden Animal Stools, Giraffe Wooden Animal Stools, Leopard



        Handwoven Toy Storage Baskets

        Storage space is essential in any children’s bedroom. Toys clutter the carpet and become a trip hazard for both the little humans and the grown ones. Woven storage baskets are popular in children’s playrooms and bedrooms and for good reason. Not only are they durable, lightweight, and stackable, but once your child no longer needs them, you can claim them for yourself. They also make fantastic laundry baskets for everyone in the home.

        Our handwoven baskets are the perfect addition to any safari-themed children’s bedroom. Each one was made by artisans with incredible skills using traditional weaving techniques. They come in a range of sizes, colours, and patterns. Many are one-of-a-kind too. See for yourself!

        Kenyan Sisal Basket, Magenta Gates No 284 Kenyan Sisal Basket, Citrus Sorbet No 266 Kenyan Sisal Basket, Hellen No 155


          Cosy Cushions and Throws

          Nothing completes a children’s bedroom more than those cosy final touches. Finding the right cushions and throws can be difficult when you’re designing with a theme. Thankfully, we have the perfect selections for a jungle safari bedroom, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Make your kid’s room comfortable for their long play sessions and fun sleepovers with any of these designs:

          Piped Cushion Cover, Safari West African Mud Cloth, Green Pepper
          West African Mud Cloth, Caramel Peanut Windmill Indian Indigo Block Printed Cushion Cover, Tiger Stripes


          That’s it! Now you have all the inspiration needed to create the safari-themed bedroom of your child’s dreams. If you use any of my ideas, feel free to tag us in the photos you take on our Instagram at @aarvengoods and use #MyAARVEN. We can’t wait to see what kind of enchanted jungle you and your child make together.


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