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Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Warm & Save Money This Winter
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Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Warm & Save Money This Winter

Winter is here and all of us will undoubtedly be starting to feel the chill! When it comes to keeping your home heated, for many of us it is important to protect the planet during the Winter months, but to also stay safe, warm and comfortable whilst the cost of energy also continues to rise. While it may be tempting to crank up the heating and consume additional energy this Winter, there are energy-saving techniques you can rely on to stay warm even though the temperatures have dropped outside. We've put together are a few ways in which you can conserve energy at home while still protecting the planet this Winter season, as well as save some pennies on your heating bill! 


Keep the Cold Out

It's really important to identify and block off any drafts you have in the home. From sealing and fixing cracks to using draft excluders, there are many ways to keep the cold air out of your house. Always make sure to close and lock the doors to any rooms that are not in use to avoid drafts passing through the home. If possible, cover keyholes and pet doors as these can allow the cold air to creep indoors. 


Use Textiles

Hanging curtains and heavy draperies that will keep more heat inside your home is a great, eco-friendly way to keep your home nice and cosy. These protective layers will block existing drafts and will keep more heat inside your home. Energy efficient blackout curtains are specifically well-suited for insulation. If you have tiles or hardwood floors, these can get particularly cold in the Winter months. To help maintain a warm environment, try using a rug in the parts of your home that aren't carpeted and keep those toes toasty. Wool is a particularly good insulator, so our Kenyan Wool Rugs / Wall Hangings are perfect for chilly homes. On top of that, we highly recommend getting yourself a good, warm blanket, whether you are snuggling up on the sofa for some leisure time or if you are preparing for a good night’s sleep, it is sure to keep the chilly air at bay. Our Basotho Khotso blankets are the warmest you'll ever own, made from super-soft, vegan acrylic, these blankets are traditionally worn as part of everyday life. 


Rethink the Layout

Rearranging the furniture in your home is a simple, free way to help keep yourself and your home warm. Moving your furniture to a warmer spot and away from drafts will keep your home warmer overall. Make sure to pull furniture away from chilly walls and windows, and ensure nothing is blocking the radiators or heaters. Bookshelves can help to reduce heat loss if they are placed against any exterior walls. Move any rugs you have into the most used rooms of your home to make them warmer.


Drink Warming Beverages

We know it's terribly British to say, but there really isn't much that can't be fixed by popping the kettle on. Warm foods and drinks are a great way to warm up the body from the inside out too - think soups, stews, tea and hot chocolate!  We think there is no joy quite as great as sipping on a comforting warm drink on a crisp Winter's day. As well as being a fabulous way to keep warm, hot drinks are also completely delicious! Not to mention how beneficial they can be if you have a seasonal cold. Looking for some tasty recipes? Have a look at our Winter warmer drinks round-up here


Maintain Humidity

Retaining humid air within the home is a great way to ensure more heat stays inside. This is because humid air is much warmer than cool, drier air. Cooking more meals at home is one way to keep your kitchen and surrounding rooms warm. Whilst cooking does still use electricity if you have energy efficient appliances then your energy usage will be minimal, plus you get a tasty meal out of it too! Adding natural ingredients to a large pot of boiling water such as cinnamon and orange slices is a great way to add a touch of fragrance to your home whilst also providing humidity for the air.


Make the Most of Heat

Whenever you have created heat in the home, whether it's from the oven, shower, tumble dryer or anything else; make sure to use that heat throughout the home by leaving the doors to that room open. This will allow the warm air to travel to the rest of the house. Using foil behind your radiators is also an excellent way of reflecting heat back into the room. If the sun has been out, open all the curtains or blinds to let the sunlight in to help warm up the house. 


Get Cosy in Bed

Staying warm at night is important for a good night's sleep and can be tricky if you're trying to keep the heating turned down. You can pre-heat your bed before bedtime by placing a hot water bottle between the sheets. An electric blanket is also a cost-effective way to keep warm, and can be used elsewhere in the house. Retain the heat in your bed by placing a spare duvet under the fitted sheet, using flannel sheets and piling on the blankets and throws. Make sure to always wear warm pyjamas and remember to keep your feet warm with socks! 


Layer Up

We know, it's an obvious one that you have probably had drilled into you by your parents and grandparents, but that's because it really does work! Wearing a good thermal base layer can really help to hold in the heat but are usually very comfortable to wear and will easily fit underneath other clothes. Adding layers on top of this such as long sleeve tops, jumpers or cardigans will also help to keep your body insulated. 


Stay Active

You will become more sensitive to the cold if you spend a lot of time sitting still. Try to keep yourself as active as possible at home by moving around frequently. This will help you stay warm and improve your circulation. Cleaning, at home workouts or playing with your pets are great ways to remain active in short bursts. 



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