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Get To Know Our African Textiles

Get To Know Our African Textiles

Our ever-growing range of textiles continue to be some of our most-loved products and it's easy to see why! Made by expert artisans in rural communities, all of our textiles collections are either designed in house by our Co-founder Amy, or sourced by our Co-founder Bee on her journeys around her home continent of Africa. We wanted to share with you a little bit more about our African textiles collections, as well as the artisans who make them...


Pictured: the women weavers who make our Tanzanian Textiles 

Tanzanian Table Cloths & Throws 

Located in the Morogoro region of Tanzania you will find the vibrant blue workshop of our fantastic women weavers. Founded in 1983 to help impoverished female school leavers in rural areas of Tanzania where higher education for girls is typically not a high priority, The Women Weavers Association comprises of a school to train the weavers, a loom production unit to build the essential equipment, a dying unit to produce the dye for the yarn, and a shop where the products are sold. All of their materials are woven from 100% Tanzanian cotton that is grown and spun in the country. The bold, graphic designs they weave is loomed exclusively for Artisans & Adventurers. These textiles are light and airy, making them ideal for warmer months or as an extra layer to your bead spread when it gets cold. They can be washed by popping them in the washing machine on your coolest cycle - we recommend putting them inside a delicates bag to avoid any snags. These textiles are available in a range of colours and styles so there is sure to be one that's just right for you! Find the full collection here

Pictured: Tanzanian Hand Woven Throw in 'Grass Green.'  


Image via Enterprise Africa 

South African Khotso Blankets

Established in 1953, Aranda is the oldest blanket manufacturer in South Africa. It is a 4th generation, locally owned, family business, known for producing high-quality, traditional style blankets that last the test of time. A household name in South Africa, Aranda was born out of the merging of cultures and passion for high-quality, sustainable design. Today, Aranda is the only textile manufacturer in South Africa where the entire production line takes place under one roof – from raw materials to the finished products. We stock the Basotho Khotso blankets, which have a deep cultural significance and history with the Basotho people of South Africa. Basotho tribal blankets are traditionally worn as part of everyday life. The designs featured on the blankets have been developed over many years with the blessing of the Lesotho Royal Family.  The corncob is the most widely used motif throughout Basotho blankets. In Basotho culture, maize is the staple food and therefore the corncob is a symbol of fertility and wealth. Traditionally Basotho blankets are manufactured from wool, but the blankets we stock are made from super soft acrylic, making them softer on sensitive skin, easier to clean and suitable for a vegan lifestyle. These blankets are thick and warm - ideal for cold days and nights. These blankets are available in 5 colours and 2 sizes, shop the full collection here.

Pictured: Large Khotso Basotho Blanket 'Pink & Brown Cards.'


Pictured: Jean Pierre and his three children

West African Mud Cloth

Our Co-founder Bee sourced our Mud Cloth during a trip to Senegal from our friend Jean Pierre whom we have been working with for quite some time. Jean Pierre works closely with artisans coming from Mali to sell their wares. Travel to Mali has been unadvisable for some time so it would not be possible to travel there to work directly with the artisans. Jean Pierre has helped us source fabrics in the past and we have built up a great relationship with him and his family. Bee has spent time in Dakar with Jean Pierre getting to know him and his family and being introduced to the many artisanal works of art from this region of Africa. Also known as Bògòlanfini or bogolan, Mud Cloth is a beautifully textured Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. The fabric is very important in traditional Malian culture and has more recently become a symbol of Malian cultural identity. Traditionally men weave the cloth on narrow looms.  Each piece is around 15cm wide and the strips are then stitched together to make a bigger cloth.  The women take care of the dying process. Making Mud Cloth is a very long and involved process, meaning genuine Bògòlanfini is hard to come by. These cloths look great spread out on a sofa or as a bed spread. We also have a range of Mud Cloth cushion covers available which look great mixed and matched with one another. Shop the full collection here


 Pictured: West African Mud Cloth in 'Black & White Patchwork Strips.'


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