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How to Style Your Bedroom
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How to Style Your Bedroom

The bedroom can undoubtedly be one of the most challenging rooms in your home to design and decorate. This is because it’s all about creating a space that is both cosy and functional. But fear not; here are a few decorating ideas and tips to help you get the most out of your bedroom and create a space you love...


Choose the Right Colours

Bedrooms are meant to be calming and soothing, so picking the right colour palette for your walls, floor and accessories is crucial to creating the perfect space. The right colours will all depend on your personal tastes, but generally speaking people tend to go for more subdued, light tones in the bedroom. Popular hues include sage green, cream, lilac and duck egg blue. If bold colours are you thing, that doesn't mean you can't experiment! Try adding pops of colour with vibrant accessories like cushions, wall art or even some bright wallpaper for an accent wall. You can shop by colour on our website, making it easy to find accessories in the perfect shade. 


Create Space 

An easy way to give your bedroom a restful vibe is to pay attention to the ease of movement around the room. Being able to walk around without feeling cramped or having to squeeze past furniture is essential. This is even more important in smaller spaces which can feel cramped very quickly. Decluttering is a great first step in creating some more space (be sure to donate any unwanted, good quality furniture to your local charity shop!) Once you have got rid of pieces that you no longer need, you can focus on creating better storage solutions that allow you to have more space. One of our top tips is utilising the space under your bed for storage, whether you choose to use boxes or drawers this is a great, large space in your bedroom that often goes unused. Another great area for storage is on top of your wardrobe. Try styling baskets with different essentials inside such as socks, hats and scarves or even toiletries. Choose from our wide range of storage baskets here


Layer Your Lighting

Creating different levels of lighting is a great way to get the most out of your bedroom space. Layered lighting means focusing on having multiple light sources within the one space. As well as your main overhead lighting, try and incorporate different floor lamps, table lamps and other lighting sources that you can turn on and off for maximum functionality and impact. Thinking about your natural lighting sources is also important, picking sheer curtains or light-coloured blinds can have a big impact on the lighting in your bedroom. Picking light shades made from different materials and with different densities really adds to the effect of layered lighting, helping make your space feel even more cosy and calming. We have a large range of handmade light shades in a variety of materials that work perfectly for layered lighting. 


Add Soft Touches

All bedrooms have one large, soft focal point within them - the bed - which can often look visually overwhelming if there are no other soft decor pieces in the room. Try and include soft furnishings elsewhere in your bedroom to bring some more softness to the rest of the space. This could be in the form of curtains, area rugs, throws, cushions or quilts! If you have a chair in your bedroom, try styling it with a snuggly throw or cushion. Try layering up your usual bedding with an additional quilt or throw. Choose from our range of colourful, handmade cushions and throws, bedding and blankets and rugs and wall hangings to complete your bedroom design. 


Follow Your Personal Style

More than anything, your bedroom should reflect your own personal style. Don't get so caught up in tips and other peoples homes that you end up with a bedroom that doesn't feel right for you. You bedroom should feel comfortable, like your own special sanctum, that reflects your own tastes and needs. Make sure that along the way you're asking yourself what appeals to you. If there is something you love, make sure to create space for it in your bedroom design! 


Looking for some inspo? Shop our Bedroom Edit here.

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