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Spring Table Styling | Creating the Perfect Spring Tablescape
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Spring Table Styling | Creating the Perfect Spring Tablescape

Creating a beautiful table setting is one of our favourite parts about hosting dinner parties. We think that fabulous surroundings will always make your food look & taste that little bit better. That's why we wanted to share some of our top table styling tips for the season with you. Inspired by the blooming natural world around us and the cheerful shades of Spring, this season's best tablescapes combine handcrafted utensils, traditionally loomed tablecloths, woven sisal placemats and hand carved soapstone vessels to elevate even the everyday table. Make social gatherings memorable by setting your table with artisanal tablewares and carefully curated final flourishes. With handmade decor that reflects the love and joy of sharing a meal with your friends and family. 


Pick a colour scheme 

One of the most important parts about creating a beautiful tablescape is picking your colour palette. Choosing 2-4 key colours is a great way to keep your table setting looking cohesive and stylish. We suggest working around what you already have. Neutral tableware will allow you more freedom with your choice of accessories, but if you already own colourful plates and bowls then we suggest embracing this! Pick the perfect hues that speak to Spring for you, whether this is soft pastels, natural neutrals or vibrant, happy colours.

Your tablecloth will be the largest splash of colour you are adding so make sure that you pick one in the shade that you want to feature. Our Tanzanian Table Cloths come in a large range of colours so you're sure to find one that is perfect for you. Another great option for a colour palette can be to create a monochromatic table which often looks super sophisticated but can be harder to style. Don't forget that your accessories can be a great way to add in pops of colour - picking the right hue of flowers, candles and napkins can really change the whole look of a table. 

This Spring, we are particularly loving shades of yellow, green or blue to create a fresh and fun dining experience. 


Create Levels 

A really great tip (especially if you have a smaller table) is to create levels that make the eye travel around the whole table and make the spread seem even more impressive! Spring is all about abundance so it's important to really highlight the feast you have laid out. An easy way to create highs and lows is to elevate some of your dishes using things like cake stands or small stools. Our Hand Carved Animal Stools are perfect for this, plus their unique design creates the perfect talking point.

Another great way to create levels is with candles, flowers and plants. These will bring height to your table as well as introducing another textural element to create interest. Pick seasonal flowers to really highlight the joys of the season. Plus, flowers and candles stimulate your senses which is thought to create a more enjoyable eating experience. Creating levels also means you need to keep some elements low, and our Soapstone Ovals are the perfect minimalist serving platter that does not add any height to the table. Other items to look out for like this include shallow dishes, low-sided bowls and serving trays, just like our Ugandan Basket Trays


Use Natural Textures 

Using natural textures in your table setting is a really simple way to make everything look more luxurious, as well as making it look more complex than it really is! Not only this, but natural materials invite your guests to appreciate the natural changes of the season around them. Mixing and matching lots of different natural textures creates a professional looking set-up but is deceptively simple to do. Plus, investing in high-quality pieces made from natural materials means your tablewares will never go out of style. We suggest getting a good quality, 100% cotton table cloth as well as natural woven placemats and some wooden serving wares.

Our selection of Hand Woven Place Mats come in a huge range of colours and designs as natural materials do not have to be plain and boring! We love to mix and match the colours to create our own unique setting. Good quality wooden utensils are an absolute must for anyone who loves to cook and host dinner parties. Our Wooden Utensils are all carved by hand from sustainably sourced wood and their classic designs make them timeless pieces that you will keep forever. Unique pieces like our Hand Salad Servers also create a fun talking point whilst you dish up your delicious meals. 



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