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Style | 9 Storage Basket Ideas

Style | 9 Storage Basket Ideas

A unique woven basket is a great way to add texture and warmth to your home. Not only are our Kenyan sisal baskets practical and stylish storage solutions, they are also ethical and sustainable. Artisans & Adventurers handwoven baskets go a long way to creating a living for rural weavers and by doing so they are key in the fight against elephant poaching.
Handmade by small, female co-operatives in rural Kenya, our baskets are crafted using threads derived from sisal plants, a natural local resource. By purchasing baskets from these talented women, you are helping us to continue supporting their craft and ensuring they make a livelihood for themselves and their families.
Our storage baskets are a favourite of interior stylists including Abigail Ahern, who guest-edited a selection from our website in 2017.
If you are wondering how to incorporate baskets into your home, read on. Our co-founder and basket queen, Bee Friedmann, has rounded up her Top 9 ways to use baskets around the home... There's always room for one more!

1 | The Make-Up Basket

All of us at Artisans & Adventurers have one of these!  All our beauty bits in one place.  Never again will you have to worry about your lippy or mascara rolling off the dressing table.  Our shallow storage baskets are perfect to store make-up in.

2 | The Tidy-Toy Basket 

Mums and dads know this all too well. You can never have too many organising devices in your children's rooms. Toys seem to multiply themselves the minute you turn your head, so a roomy basket is the perfect ally to your sanity. Allow them to tidy up by themselves and know it will all look nice in the end. Win-win. 

3 | The Plant Basket

The plant lady in you will always welcome a new home for one of your green friends. Simply take the plant out when it needs a good soak or place an old plate, bowl or plastic bag at the bottom of your basket to keep it dry when giving your plant a light watering. Plants look great paired with natural fibres, so go for clashing tones or a more neutral style that will allow the leaves to stand out - whatever works in your space. 

4 | The Log Storage Basket

Winter for us means long nights cosied up in front of an open fireplace. Have all the logs and kindling you need close at hand in a stylish log basket. They'll look so neat and homely you'll want to keep them there year round!

5 | The Shelf Organiser

Our storage baskets make a shelf one hundred times better!  Go for a selection of colour-block baskets to organise shelves. We could have a whole room full of baskets for socks, scarves, hats and trinkets.

6 | The Loo Paper Holder 

Let's not leave the bathroom unattended. So pop a basket where you usually keep your loo paper rolls, and watch them rise to style. 

7 | The Desk Organiser 

Our smaller baskets in sizes S, XS or even the cute XXS ones are perfect desk organisers. Pens, pencils, scissors and rulers all have a place in our handwoven baskets. 

8 | The Blanket Basket

During Summer we pack our cosy blankets away but it is always a good idea to keep a few light ones close at hand for those sudden changes in weather.  Neatly roll your blankets and place them vertically in a medium or large size sisal basket. They will look so tidy and elegant in your living room there'll be no need to hide them away during warmer weather.

9 | The Gift Hamper

Baskets are the new gift bag. A more sustainable way to package your goodies, a basket will not only make its contents stand out, but become part of the gift itself. The receiver can use it time and time again. It is without doubt the gift that keeps on giving. 
Words by Bee Friedmann
Illustrations by Amy Fleuriot

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