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Basket Size Guide 
If you've visited one of our stores or even our website, you've probably noticed just how much we love our Kenyan baskets. Not only is every single basket completely individual, they're sustainably handmade using traditional hand weaving techniques by groups of talented women-weavers living in rural Kenya. Our baskets come in a huge range of colours, designs and sizes so there really is the perfect basket for everyone. We know that sometimes shopping online makes it difficult to get a good feel for the size of the baskets. That’s why we’ve introduced our new Kenyan Basket visual size guide that you will find on every basket listing to help give you an idea of each basket's dimensions compared with the other sizes. We also often get customers telling us they love our baskets but they just don’t know what to do with them. Fear not! We truly think that there is a basket for absolutely everything, so  we've put together a handy guide on the perfect size basket for every job. 

£10 Baskets
Our small, £10 baskets come in a variety of styles with some of them more bowl-shaped whilst others are traditional and taller. We love these small baskets for storing keys, hair bands, jewellery and more. They're the perfect ‘bits and pieces’ storage for all of your smaller items that often go missing so you never need to go searching for your keys again! These colourful little baskets will keep everything looking neat and tidy on your sideboards too. They’re also great for keeping on your bedside table to round up all those little pieces that often gather there like rings, earrings and lip balm.

£15 Baskets 
The next size up, our £15 baskets make great desk organisers. Pop your pens, pencils, scissors and rulers into these cute, colourful little baskets on your desk to help keep yourself organised. They are especially great for storing kids pens, pencils and crayons as they won’t break if they’re dropped! These handwoven baskets are also the perfect size for storing your makeup brushes, and will spruce up your dressing table with their eye-catching designs. 

£20-£25 Baskets
Our £20 and £25 Kenyan baskets are the perfect home for your plant friends. Simply make sure to take the plant out when it needs watering or place an old plate, bowl or plastic bag at the bottom of your basket to keep it dry. Plants look great paired with the natural fibres of these handmade baskets. We love pairing green plants with bright contrasting colour baskets such as pink, orange and blue. For a more neutral look, go for a basket in natural tones, perhaps with green or black detailing to let the plant really stand out. We also think this size basket makes the perfect gift as they are so versatile so anyone would be glad to receive one!
Kenyan Woven Basket 'Green & Pastel'
£30 Baskets 
Is your toiletry collection looking a little unruly? Our £30 sisal baskets are the perfect size for rounding up all your lotions and potions so that your countertops can be kept neat and tidy. Whether you need to hide away your shampoos and shower gels or deodorants and perfumes, these baskets are a great size and shape to stash them all away. Using our £30 baskets as shelf storage can help keep your space looking less cluttered and more cohesive if you pick baskets in the same colour palette as your rooms. They are also a great option as waste paper bins, adding some natural texture to a room as well as a pop of colour.

£40 Baskets
Our larger £40 baskets make great toilet roll storage, keeping all the rolls together and neatly tucked out of sight. This size basket is also brilliant for storing your reusable shopping bags and totes, why not pop it by the front door so you never need to buy a plastic carrier bag again! We also use these baskets for storing socks and pants, simply chuck all your underwear inside and pop it in the bottom of your wardrobe or on a shelf for easy access. The ultimate low-effort organisation.

£50 Baskets 
Kids toy collection getting out of hand? These big baskets make brilliant toy storage for kids. With plenty of space for all their soft toys, books and others bits and pieces. Our Kenyan baskets are perfect for allowing your kids easy access to their own toys as well as making it easy for them to tidy up themselves without you having to worry about how it will look in the end. They’re also the perfect size for storing away your winter woolies during these warmer months, just pop in all your hats, scarves and gloves - these baskets have plenty of space for chunky knits. Speaking of which, our £50 baskets are also a great size for storing your wool and knitting, keeping everything in one place which makes it easier to stay organised and finish those projects. 

£60 Baskets 
If your blanket and throw cushion collection is anything like ours, these £60 baskets will come in really handy for keeping them all organised. We always neatly roll up our blankets and place them vertically inside the basket, letting them still be on display even during the warmer weather. As for any cushions, rather than them getting tossed aside when you go to bed or sit on the sofa, simply pop them all inside one of these large baskets to keep them neat and off the floor.

£70 Baskets
Our largest £70 baskets are perfect for storing those bulkier items in your home. We love using them for storing firewood and kindling during the colder months. This is a really handy way to keep your logs to hand and also looks super cosy and homely! They are also a really good size for storing all your shoes, keeping them tucked away neatly but still easily accessible. We also often use these baskets as laundry baskets as they are the perfect size for a full load of washing. 
Kenyan Woven Basket 'Rose's Extra Large Neon Basket'
Do you love storage baskets as much as we do? How would you use one of our Kenyan baskets? Don’t forget to tag us in any photos of our baskets in your beautiful homes on Instagram using @artisansandadventurers
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Written By Leona Chapman

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