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Adventure | Sun Drenched In Seville

Adventure | Sun Drenched In Seville

Seville the Capital of Andalucía in Southern Spain where Notre Dame meets Arabian Nights - built from fortunes during the Moorish Almohod dynasty in the 8th century. A vibrant and romantic city, full of wonder - with Flamenco and Tapas on every corner.  

In 1942 - After suffering 700 years of war, when Spain finally reconquered its land back from the Moors ‘Reconquista’ the newly appointed King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain decided to fund Christopher Columbus - the Italian explorer, on his missions to conquer the ‘new world’.

Seville became the gateway to Latin America where all trade between Europe and the Americas was done, as it was protected in land from pirates. It then grew to be the richest city in Spain.  

The central Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. It was built originally on top of a Mosque after the ‘Reconquista’.  Inside is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus. Horse drawn carriages await outside offering fairy-tale rides for a step back in time. Food carts with chocolate filled Churros are a welcome snack whilst exploring the old town. 

The Réal Alcazar is a unique mix of Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style demonstrating the changing rulers of Spain, the detail is heavily intricate and grand - a royal fusion and endless inspiration for designers and makers like us. 

The Palace’s formal gardens are a sanctuary of hidden water fountains, rose gardens, towering palm trees and manicured mazes to get lost in. Watch out for Prince Doran and Oberyn Martell of Dorne filming for Game of Thrones.  

The Plaza D’España, in its supreme magnitude is framed by arch after arch and surrounded by a moat. It featured in both Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars’ Attack of the Clones. The Art deco style bridges are swathed in blue and yellow tiling, decorating the rose gold building. You will often find street performers busking here. 

Don’t Miss

Seville’s rich artistic and cultural history of fiery Flamenco and Baroque Art can be admired in various museums - hidden amongst the cobbled streets and plazas. 

Quick Tip

Buy all your tickets for the Réal Alcázar and Cathedral beforehand to AVOID long queues in the heat.

Best Tapas Bars and Restaurants

La Bodega Santa Cruz - The most traditional tapas and cheap. 

Casa Morales - The second oldest bar in Seville known for having the best wines. 

Pero Viejo restaurant or Bar Seis - For something a little more opulent.

Torres y Garcia - Where Shoreditch comes to Spain.

Feeling indulgent?

You must go to the famous Be Aire Ancient Arabic baths and bathe like royalty.

Best city walking tours

Pero Viejo,  Casa Morales, Fine Art museum


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