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Soap Dishes | Meet Jaipur Blue Pottery
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Soap Dishes | Meet Jaipur Blue Pottery

Amongst the first of our Indian horde to land in store were these beautiful hand-painted pottery soap dishes. The Doraya family come from a long line of artisans specialising in Blue Pottery which originates from the Rajasthani region of  India. This family business, now in its 10th generation is dedicated to preserving traditional craft whilst developing increasingly modern designs.

blue pottery artisan jaipur india

Passionate about supporting its local community their factory in the north of India trains semi-skilled artisans from disadvantaged areas and provides them with steady employment. 

"I will not let such an ancient and vibrant art form go extinct."

Says Durgash Duraya, the youngest brother, who's modern designs instantly stand out amongst the traditional florals. Durgash engages young people in Jaipur in the craft through workshops above their showroom and is hoping to open a rooftop cafe later this year as a hub for this emerging creative community.

students learning blue pottery design jaipur india, artisans and adventurers

A love-child of cross-cultural trade, Jaipur Blue Pottery does not use any clay: the 'dough' for the pottery is prepared by mixing rose quart stone powder with powdered glass, borax, gum and water then baked on a low fire. Legend has it that Maharaja Sawai Ram II watched his kite master to two brother who had coated their strings with glass-like dust from their pottery practice. He invited them to settle in Jaipur to practice and teach their craft marking the beginning of blue pottery in the area.

We have collaborated with these skilled artisans on our own designs exclusive to AARVEN. Shop our range of soapdishes here.

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