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Luxury Chocolate | Meet Love Cocoa
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Luxury Chocolate | Meet Love Cocoa

Love Cocoa launched in July 2016, founded by James Cabury, great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury who set up the infamous Cadbury's chocolate nearly 200 years ago. James' company revives the strong ethical foundations which initially inspired his ancestor's work, with sustainability and ethical production at the heart of what they do. Based in Dalston, London, Love Cocoa have 5 full-time staff, while production of its handmade chocolate is outsourced to a family-run factory based in Stoke. Their chocolate is sustainably sourced from Columbia and every bar is single-origin.



Each chocolate bar is slave labour free, Palm Oil free, single origin and contains plastic free packaging (compostable inner film). For every bar produced this year, Love Cocoa are planting a tree in Northern Cameroon. That's 500,000 trees in 2020! We also stock a range of their vegan bars so that everyone can get their chocolate fix. 


Shop all Love Cocoa chocolate here.

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