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Ghanaian Wax Cotton Fans | Joseph Ayelgasa
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Ghanaian Wax Cotton Fans | Joseph Ayelgasa

Our range of colourful Ghanaian wax cotton and leather fans are expertly handmade for us by Joseph, a friendly local who runs a small business in Accra.

Ghanaian artisan Joseph with AARVEN fabric fans

Joseph and his team worked hard on our vegan-friendly, leather-free handle design that is exclusive to AARVEN. Borrowing techniques from Ghana's culture of basket weaving, the handles of AARVEN's fabric fans are skilfully wrapped and stitched in sisal. The sisal is dyed to compliment the colour of the fabric fan.

ghanaian wax fabric shop

AARVEN only uses authentic Ghanaian wax cloth for its fans, sourced from local manufacturers that print all of their fabrics in Ghana.

fabric fan bags

Each of AARVEN's fabric fans comes in a matching fabric pouch, also made by artisans in Accra. The pouch keeps our fans neat and clean making them the perfect gift for travellers.

You can shop the full collection of AARVEN fans here

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