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Ghanaian Wax Cotton Fans | Joseph Ayelgasa
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Ghanaian Wax Cotton Fans | Joseph Ayelgasa

Our range of colourful Ghanaian wax cotton and leather fans are expertly handmade for us by Joseph, also known as Kalala, a friendly local who runs a small business making fabric fans. Joseph was born in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana into a family of craftersBecause of this background, the skilled craft of fan making came to him naturally. While studying for his O Levels in the 80s, he learnt the skill of weaving baskets. He continued the basket weaving after school and it became his means of employment and income. He later added other products lines including the fabric fans.  

Josephs small team making fans in their workshop


Joseph is married with 4 children and has 2 permanent staff for his business. In his peak season, he hires more helpCurrently, the fabric fanare a fast selling product! The fans were inspireand influenceby the folding fans from Asia, but using beautiful African wax cotton prints to design some decorative and usable pieces. This business has been Josephs only source of income and he supports his family through the fan production. Joseph tells us he’s very content with the work he does and also gets inspired knowing that his fans are being sold at Artisans & Adventurers and enjoyed by people all around the world. 


A collection of colourful fans 

You can shop the full collection of Joseph's fans here

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