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Ghanaian Woven Shakers | Lofa
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Ghanaian Woven Shakers | Lofa

Gilbert or 'Lofa' as he is known by his friends, pictured above right with his family and team, began making musical shakers in 1999. After studying Management, Lofa looked to the arts to see where he might apply his entrepreneurial skills and decided on musical instruments. He studied with a master instrument maker from the Ivory Coast who was living in Accra. When he left back to his home country Lofa continued with the business. 

Artisan in Accra with musical shakers

Lofa's designs for AARVEN are all made from natural materials including veta vera which grows in abundance in Ghana and many different kinds of dries seadpods which make a delightful sound when shaken.

AARVEN's musical shakers are loved by adults and children alike. 

Lofa with our co-founder's Bee in 2021, above and below with Amy in 2023.

AARVEN co-founder Amy Fleuriot-Reade with artisans in Ghana

Shop AARVEN's musical shakers here

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