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Margate has a fantastic sense of togetherness, with many projects, local charities, independent bars, restaurants and small businesses forming the heart of the community. There's never a day that you stroll through town, or take a leisurely walk on the beach without seeing a friendly face or hearing a cheery “hello".
People from all walks of life make up the Margate community, the diversity of its residents is what makes this seaside town so special. It's no surprise that many local businesses and charities have reached out to help others during the current coronavirus outbreak. We want to share the love during this time and highlight some of the wonderful things that our local businesses and individuals are offering to help keep us all safe, healthy and happy.
Modern Provider 
Modern Provider bakery are fairly new to the Margate highstreet, however they've immediately had a huge impact on the community and definitely become an integral part of a lot of people’s lives. With the friendly feel of an old-fashioned local bakery and great quality bread, local produce and modern cakes, Modern Provider has started to provide a door to door delivery service. They are able to deliver throughout Thanet on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and although there are recommended prices, people are encouraged to pay what they can afford. As well as bread and cakes, local milk and eggs are also available. Customers can also buy a ‘token’ to help pay for the shopping of someone else who cannot afford it. Home bake bread kits with all that you need to make a few loaves are available too. To see the full list and make an order, check out their Instagram post here.

The Margate Bookshop
Local, independent bookshop The Margate Bookshop are offering free postage if you spend over £10 on books online. If you live in Margate, they can also deliver books straight to your door to help you fight off boredom! They're happy to give recommendations and discuss which books are available over the phone or via email. Call them on 01843 639 660 or email

The Lifeboat Project
The Lifeboat Project has been set up by Changing Minds Kent CIC to support those affected by and currently living in isolation due to the effects of covid-19. Providing mental health support, advice, anxiety management, food and essentials for the local community by delivering free care packages for those in isolation, including food, toiletries & entertainment (crosswords, card games, coloring books, etc). They're setting up a phone line to provide a friendly chat or video call for those in isolation. To find out more about the project and to donate, click here

Margate Film Festival
Margate Film Festival has curated a playlist of locally made short films for those of us who are getting bored of Netflix. All of the films are shot on location in Margate or made by local filmmakers so you can continue to support local creatives. Watch for free at Margate Film Festival or Vimeo. They're running an online film club here. 

Local community hub ‘PWR’ provides a safe, creative space to empower females, have set up a hotline so that they can continue to provide support and connect with these members of the community. Although the PWR hub has had to close, the hotline will be open, whether that’s to provide a Netflix recommendation, share jokes, swap horoscopes, or just a chat about how you are doing. You can text them on 07538 512276, and can remain anonymous if you would like to. 

Mindful Thanet
Lorraine from Mindful Thanet is providing free, remote meditation sessions via Facebook live every Wednesday at 6pm. Everyone is welcome to join. Consisting of a short introduction to meditation, followed by a silent meditation circle and a poetry reading. There will be time for questions, sharing feelings or simply quiet reflection. Pop the kettle on and enjoy a cup of tea, relaxing with the group after the meditation is over. This is a great way to take care of your mental health and wellbeing and connect with other people. You can also rewatch their previous sessions on their Facebook page.

This is just a handful of some of the wonderful services being offered. It is more important now than ever that we stick together, support one another and do what we can to keep our local community and businesses thriving. We are incredibly lucky in Margate to have a strong sense of camaraderie, we should celebrate it and accept the generous help of others when we need it. We hope everyone is staying safe and well. Don’t be scared to reach out for help if you need it.
Below is a short list of other useful resources, regarding Margate and the local area.

Written by Leona Chapman

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