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Pictured: Pancakes served at Archive, Ramsgate (One of our favourite brunch spots) alongside our sustainable olive wood products.

Shrove Tuesday, celebrated yearly in the UK by skilfully throwing fried batter mixtures into the air and hoping for the best. It is also known as Pancake day or Mardi Gras to Catholics. It signifies the last day of eating traditionally fatty foods such as milk, butter and eggs before fasting, 40 days for lent. Pancakes, however have been a staple food in many cultures for years, so we thought we'd investigate some famous pancake recipes from around the world. 

Traditional Pancakes*

I may come under some scrutiny here, as every family I've ever known seems to have some sort of secret recipe, whether this be adding cinnamon or a pinch of baking soda. We have always adopted the approach of adding equal parts flour and milk, you can use a cup to measure, to a mixing bowl. Whisk together with two fresh, free range eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Once golden on each side, not forgetting the famous 'Pancake Toss' which will inevitably leave you with half of what you started with, dowse in sugar and lemon juice.

You can make these vegan by removing the eggs and swapping out the milk for a Soya alternative. Try using some puréed banana to thicken.

*Made in Britain, Africa and I'm sure many other parts of the world. Precious Core has a great recipe for Cameroonian pancakes which is very similar. 

Ugandan Kabalagala

Possibly the most simple and delicious of all the pancakes, these small fritter like cakes consist of mashed ripe bananas (or plantains) and tapioca flour. We've seen many vegan pancakes inspired by this simple, cost effective recipe.  

Indian Dosas

Almost like a crepe, these thin rice batter pancakes are traditionally served with savoury spices and chutney as a breakfast dish. They are a historically valued source of protein throughout India, giving much needed energy to start the day with.

Doves farm does an excellent savoury gluten free Dosa recipe.

French Crepes

Very thin pancakes, the thinner the better, they're alternatively known as galettes if you're choosing a savoury topping. Originating in Brittany, their popularity has spread throughout The Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. 

I've never been able to make crepes without them gluing themselves to the pan but Mon Petit Four's recipe looks delicious.

We'd love to know your secret recipe and if you have any tips and tricks to making the perfect pancake. Happy Frying!   



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