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Collection | Indian Textiles

Collection | Indian Textiles

Earlier in the year our Co-Founders Amy and Bee visited India on what proved to be one of their most exciting buying trips yet. They met talented craftsmen and craftswomen and learned about some of the country's most ancient craft techniques and fabric hand dyeing processes, as relevant today as they were hundred of years ago when they first appeared. Block printing for instance, is thought to date back to medieval times, so its history as a way of ornamenting fabric is as honoured as the time invested in printing each metre of cotton.

The visit led to the discovery of amazingly intricate textiles, delicately hand cut and sewn with care and love, which inspired our new lines of textiles.

Discover the collection of embroidered bed spreads and cotton throws, full with (spoiler alert!) - pompons and palm trees - in store at both our London and Margate shops, and get a real feel for it. There is nothing like holding these in your hands and seeing the level of detail for yourself. Opening the delivery boxes a week ago took a little longer than usual, as we couldn't help but staring at each pattern and thorough stitching in pure admiration. 

If you are in Margate over the weekend, we have a truly immersive experience planned for you, with a tasting of our new hand picked Chai teas and cold brews from ChaiWallah to get in the true spirit of Indian culture and free taster yoga sessions with Claire from The Life Delight. Let us take you away to more exotic lands and, perhaps, you may end up falling in love and bring a little piece of it home with you.


The team's favourite brew from local ChaiWallah tea makers is the Root Chai. Have a try for yourself at the store this weekend and let us know which one you prefer!

The Root Chai
An unusual take on the classic Indian masala chai, made with root vegetables to
make a healthy caffeine free version. This tea also works great as a cold brew, ideal for summer afternoons in the garden. 
Ingredients: ginger, turmeric, liquorice, sarsaparilla, beetroot, burdock.
Soon available online, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know as soon as they land.


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