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Featured Stockist: Winter's Moon

Featured Stockist: Winter's Moon

One of the best parts about owning an independent business is getting to connect with other small business owners! We're so lucky to have met so many talented, creative, hard-working people along our journey and so we wanted to share the indie business love by highlighting some of our amazing stockists! First up, we want to introduce you to Winter's Moon - a beautifully curated shop in Chichester that is full of 'beautiful things for giving & living.' We had a chat with business owner, Julia, about how Winter's Moon came to be...


Can you tell us a little about Winter's Moon and how it all began?
The business started very casually over ten years ago with house sales selling vintage finds. I was working for a furniture company at the time, doing styling for shoots and friends kept asking me to source them items similar to the props I used....and it went from there.I developed the website and took on a studio space opening that up as a showroom occasionally. In December 2019 I did a pop-up shop in Chichester and loved the interaction with customers...I realised I had got a little lonely with the online life. So took on the shop I am in now in Feb 2020....a week before the first lockdown. That wasn't in the business plan!



Can you tell us about your team?
I am hugely fortunate to have found a really wonderful supportive team. They mainly work part-time and have other roles outside WM which works really well. Sarah does writing and content creation, Emma illustrates houses by commission, Jess is a freelance editor and Rosina is a fashion student. They all have different strengths that have made a huge difference to the business - but the one thing they all have in common is their warmth and friendliness, which I think has a huge impact on our customers' experience in the shop.


What is your favourite part about running a business?
I love the people I work with and our customers - we have the most interesting, lovely people coming through the door. And also the creative freedom - our Christmas window is a Gingerbread Mouse feels a little indulgent but it's my window so I can do it.



What is your favourite product you stock at the moment?
Arggh that's so hard. I LOVE our Artisan & Adventurers Recycled Paper Shades, but also the products we sell that you can't get anywhere else, such as our Round Bloom trays. The design was produced in collaboration with Lisa Baudry a New Zealand designer, and we use it on fabrics for cushions and shades, but also these trays which are made for us in Sweden.


We know you're an all-female run business like us, is this something that's important to you?
I love having an all female-team as I have been fortunate to find really positive warm colleagues who make the business a greater sum than its parts. But I also rely hugely on male friends for advice and my husband's support is vital - so even though it looks all-female from the outside...I don't think of it that way.


What are your favourite vintage treasures to source?
The fabrics probably - we use them on lampshades and also get trays made from them every year. When I can make myself cut them up that is. I did a textile degree so it's always been a part of my life.



What are your hopes for the future of your business? 
After such a turbulent first year or more in the shop, just to have some stability for the immediate future would be great. There are also other products I would like to add to our range...if we have room!


Can you sum up Winter's Moon in 3 words?
Creative, considered & friendly!


Where can people shop with you?
At our lovely shop at 29 North St, Chichester, or

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