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How to Style Your Sustainable Kitchen Pantry
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How to Style Your Sustainable Kitchen Pantry

The humble kitchen pantry is making a comeback. There is nothing else quite as satisfying (or sustainable) as refiling glass jars of grains, pulses and other essential ingredients. But not only does this create a stylish look to your kitchen, it is also an environmentally friendly option, as well as being very practical. 


Storage jars can help you to reduce food waste and make it easy to see exactly what ingredients you have and what you might be running low on. They also make cooking so much easier as you can find exactly what you need, even in a hurry. 


Zero waste and refill shops are rapidly becoming more popular, making topping up your pantry a breeze. These shops allow you to take your own containers such as jars, bottles or bags which you then weigh. Fill your container up with whatever you need such as rice, flour, dried lentils etc, reweight the container and pay for what you've taken. This way of shopping also eliminates any unnecessary plastic packaging, making your food shop a much more environmentally friendly affair. 


So how do you create your own pantry? Most of us aren't lucky enough to have an entire dedicated pantry room, but that doesn't mean you can't create your own version of a pantry in your kitchen. All you need is a spare shelf or two and you can create the pantry of your dreams.


Measure up your space and choose a selection of vessels to suit your needs. Whether you save up old jam jars or buy new tins to store your dried goods in, just be sure your containers all have secure lids to keep your ingredients fresh. Woven baskets can also be used for storing items such as fruits, vegetables and bread. 



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