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Introducing Sacred Elephant

Introducing Sacred Elephant

Sacred Elephant make handcrafted, luxury incense that is traditionally prepared using only the purest ingredients provided by nature.  Their incense is made according to timeless recipes handed down through the generations. Everything is ethically produced and vegan and they use pure essential oils to ensure a clean, smooth burn. 


Incense was originally used by the yogis of the East as a way of creating an atmosphere of serenity and harmony for their meditations. These yogis believed that each of our senses could be heightened by the use of fragrances, making incense an important tool in their journey towards self discovery and inner peace. Traditionally, incense was made by monks in the ancient temples of India and each stick would be handcrafted with love and care. The monks believed that not only the purity of the ingredients mattered but also the state of mind in which it was made. Sacred Elephant hold these traditions too, and every part of the incense making process is done entirely by hand. 



Their packaging is all eco-conscious, with the beautiful boxes your incense is packaged in being printed with vegetable dyes. Since the end of June, all Sacred Elephant incense will be in plastic free packaging!  Instead of the traditional plastic sleeves that incense often comes in, Sacred Elephant incense comes in acid free, paper sleeves - making them 100% plastic free! 


We are so excited to now stock Sacred Elephant incense. You can shop our selected range of fragrances online or in store now. 

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