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Collaboration | Dani Woolley & Her Valentine's Hearts

Collaboration | Dani Woolley & Her Valentine's Hearts

Margate store manager and all-round super talented human, Dani Woolley also has a passion for craft. Based in Margate, she explores the full realm of 'handy' skills from soy candle-making to ceramics and everything in between. 

We recently commissioned her an exclusive limited edition line of ceramic earrings and heart-shaped necklaces for Valentine's and thought we would tell you a little about Dani and her design process. 

Tell us a little about yourself and life in Margate

When I'm not at Artisans & Adventurers I spend most of my time going on beach walks with my boyfriend André and sipping coffee at MarMar Café. It's super relaxed, I grew up in Denmark and I like to think that Margate's chilled vibe is quite similar. 

Where does the love for ceramics originate from?

My Grandma was an artist and dabbled in ceramics, so I like to think it's in my blood! I'm a self taught jewellery designer, first introduced to ceramics at school but ended up being swayed by textiles and embroidery. I've always collected pottery and ceramics, west German in particular which has inspired me more recently to start creating jewellery in ceramic. 

How long have you been perfecting your craft and what's your favourite thing about it?

I rediscovered the craft about a year ago at Clayspace in Margate. Where Bridgett and Ian run regular drop-in studio sessions for anyone interested in working with clay and ceramics. 

Can you take us through the process behind your new "Eye Love You" earrings? 

Artisans & Adventurers Co-Founder Amy and I had spoken about doing a ceramic collaboration and the time of year coincided with Valentine's, which was perfect timing as I am also obsessed with hearts!

I start by modelling a variation of hearts in clay and then 3D printing the clay cutters. I design as I go along, the glaze colours and details are then inspired by the shape. The painted eye came from the classic EYE LOVE YOU symbols of my teen years! Which I think makes them look really fun.     

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of making their first step in the world of ceramics?

Go for it! There's nothing you can't do in ceramic, I started off making very dodgy pots before I honed in on jewellery. Clayspace is a great place to start, Bridgett and Ian will show you everything you need to know. Check out their website for beginners classes and drop in sessions. 

How would you style the earrings for a date?

I'm a big fan of matching, I've got this great shirt with red hearts all over it! Definitely a shirt (hearts are optional), a good pair of jeans and some fancy shoes. Being cool and comfortable on a date definitely makes things more relaxed (Especially if it's a first Date!).

Discover the Valentine's ceramic jewellery collection here. 

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