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Mother's Day | How to Have a Sustainable Celebration

Mother's Day | How to Have a Sustainable Celebration

This Sunday marks Mother's Day here in the UK. Whilst we all love an opportunity to spoil our Mums, but let's make sure we're also taking care of Mother Earth. Having a thoughtful celebration needn't be a wasteful affair, in fact, we're here to show you just how easy it can be to have a sustainable celebration...



We know flowers are a staple gift for many come Mother's Day. But did you know that cut flowers can actually be bad for the environment as well as being unethically sourced. For a more eco option, look for British grown, Fairtrade flowers in plastic free packaging. Better yet, opt for a potted plant or dried flower bouquet to impress your Mum. If you're looking to go the extra mile, you could even take cutting from your own plants and gift these to your Mum instead. 



Cards are another huge part of Mother's Day celebrations for many. For a more sustainable card option, look for something made from recycled materials that is also recyclable itself. You can also find greetings cards made from 100% biodegradable seed paper which are a fun alternative. When shopping for a card, choose small, local businesses over the big companies and always pick a plastic-free option. Alternatively, you could make your own card, send an e-card or make a charity donation instead. 



We think the best gift for Mum's are things that they can treasure forever! Picking out a meaningful, thoughtful and sustainable gift is key. Locally-made, hand-crafted, hand-made or Fairtrade products give more back to those who make them and are often made in small quantities so your Mum will receive something truly unique. Some great options include ethical jewellery, secondhand books, cruelty-free toiletries or sustainable accessories.  



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