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Pancakes From Around The World | Pancake Day 2022

Pancakes From Around The World | Pancake Day 2022

Yay! It's Pancake Day tomorrow! Also known as Shrove Tuesday, tomorrow gives us all the perfect excuse to tuck into some delicious pancakes. Don't like the traditional British lemon and sugar? Pancakes are enjoyed all around the world, so why not try something new this Pancake Day...


Blini & Blintz | Russia 

Blini and blintz are two types of pancakes originating in Russia. Traditionally, blini contain a rising agent and yeast, which gives them a fluffier texture. Blintzes are usually thinner and are generally wrapped around a filling such as soft cheese. Miniature versions of both blinis and blintzes are often used for canapes. Blinis are especially good topped with sour cream and smoked carrot lox! 


Okonomiyaki | Japan 

Okonomiyaki is best described by its literal translation! It means 'whatever you want' (okonomi), 'grilled' (yaki). These savoury pancakes are typically made from a flour base combined with a mixture of shredded potato, cabbage, fish or meat, ginger and soy. They are then topped with spring onions, Japanese mayonnaise and a sweet mirin sauce. They are traditionally prepared and cooked on a teppan, a metal griddle, in front of customers at restaurants and cafes. 


Raggmunk | Sweden 

Raggmunk are a grated potato pancake that are traditionally served alongside bacon and lingonberry jam. Raggmunk are made by mixing milk, eggs and flour with potatoes to create a pancake that is softer than potato röstis. They originated from Östergötland around the start of the 1900s. 'Ragg' means crispy in Swedish - and these tasty little pancakes certainly are that! 


Dosa | South India 

A dosa is a traditional pancake in South India. These thin, savoury pancakes are made from fermented rice and lentil batter. Sometimes they are served stuffed with a spicy potato curry, and are called masala dosa. They look similar to a crepe, though are typically served as a savoury dish more often that a dessert. 


Qatayef | Syria 

Also known as 'the pancakes of the Middle East', qatayef are found in Iraq, the Middle EastEgyptJordanLebanonSaudi Arabia and of course Syria. They are small pancakes that are folded into a cone and served with a sweet filling of cream, chopped nuts and rose water syrup. The thick batter is made from flour and fine semolina that is cooked only on one side so the inside remains sticky and lace-like in appearance. 

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