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Popular Plant-Based Dishes From Around the World

Popular Plant-Based Dishes From Around the World

Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen? We've had the pleasure of trying a lot of different dishes from all over the world on our travels and it's always so exciting to discover something new. One of our favourite parts of visiting different countries is eating the popular foods from that region. Today we've rounded up some of our favourite plant-based dishes from around the world - why not give them a try tonight?  


Tanzanian Mchicha 

Mchicha is widely considered one of the most popular Tanzanian dishes. It is a  thick and creamy vegetarian meal which is usually prepared with green leafy vegetables such as amaranth or spinach. Other ingredients include grated coconut, coconut milk, peanut butter, tomatoes, and onions. It is typically served with rice, ugali (maize flour porridge), or samp (corn kernels) and beans on the side.


Kenyan Maharagwe 

Maharagwe is a popular Kenya dish made by stewing red beans with various other ingredients. It is widely eaten across Africa, often served with chapati bread or ugali (maize flour porridge). The stew can be prepared in both sweet and savoury versions, though the savoury dish is more popular. The red beans are boiled with coconut milk, cardamom, cinnamon, onions, tomatoes, garlic, curry powder, chilli, and green peppers.


Indian Dum Aloo 

Dum aloo, also called 'alu dum', is a traditional Indian dish with origins in Kashmir. The dish consists of potatoes, tomatoes, and onions that are cooked together in masala sauce. This traditional dish can be complicated to make and takes quite a lot of time to prepare. Dum aloo is usually cooked over low heat in a traditional earthenware pot called 'handi' that is sealed until the dish is ready to eat. Its name is a combination of the words 'aloo' (potatoes) and 'dum' (steam). 


Egyptian Ful Medames 

Ful medames is an ancient, pre-Ottoman national dish of Egypt. It is a traditional breakfast food consisting of slowly simmered fava beans seasoned with a squeeze of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and spices. Some remnants of the dish were even found in the 12th Dynasty Pharaonic tombs in Egypt! The dish is also extremely popular during Ramadan and is widely prepared throughout North Africa and the Middle East. 


South African Chakalaka

Chakalaka is a spicy South African vegetable relish made using tomatoes, beans, and onions as its key ingredients, although various other ingredients such as carrots, peppers, chillis and ginger are commonly added. Originally, chakalaka was invented in Johannesburg, where it became a staple dish. This dish is typically served alongside barbecues, or as a cold side salad with some leafy greens. It is also enjoyed with breads such as mealie pap, or with amasi, a type of thick sour milk.  


We hope you enjoyed learning about these delicious dishes! Bon Appétit!  

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