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Stylish and Creative Wall Decor Ideas
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Stylish and Creative Wall Decor Ideas

There is nothing more exciting than empty walls, not only are full of styling possibilities, but they allow us to express our creativity and personal style. But if you're feeling uninspired by generic prints and homogenized framed art, we have some unique, eclectic wall decor ideas for you. Whilst prints and artwork have been the wall decor of choice for a long time, there also exists a whole host of creative, alternative pieces for you to hang on your walls that aren't prints. 

When it comes to decorating with art, most people default to hanging paintings, prints, posters, or photos on their walls. While these are classic choices, there are so many more creative options out there to consider. If you're looking to add a unique touch to your space, here are some unconventional wall art ideas to explore.

Create your own art wall with our eclectic collection of masks, fans, wall hangings, woven bowls, and mirrors. Designed by us in collaboration with artisans across the African continent. These pieces are unique to us in limited quantities. 

Whether you love to collect vintage plates, you're a music enthusiast, or a proud Mum, your walls should be a space to showcase the things that matter to you. We've curated a handful of unexpected ideas to show you how to take your gallery wall from simple to stylish. Here is our very best advice...



Mirrors make a great addition to any room, not just for checking out your reflection, but they also can create the illusion of a larger space. This is because they amplify the light around a room, creating a brighter, more open feeling space. You could place a cluster of mirrors on a wall opposite a window to really maximise the brightness in your home. Experiment with different shapes, sizes and frame styles to create your own unique look. You can also add a single mirror to a gallery wall that is made up of lots of different eclectic pieces of artwork, adding another unexpected element to the mix. Our Ghanaian Sun Mirrors are crafted from reclaimed wood. Welcome in the warmth and essence of the African sun with these beautifully handcrafted mirrors. Available in 4 colours and 2 sizes to suit your home. 


3D Art

Art should encourage conversation and reflect your unique personality. Whether you choose an abstract metal sculpture, a vibrant ceramic plate, or a custom-designed piece, statement 3D art is a loud and proud alternative to typical wall decor. We love adding 3D art elements such as masks to our walls as they provide the perfect talking point as well as adding personality to a space. Traditional Ghanaian masks have been used in African ceremonies and cultural celebrations for thousands of years. Today, these artefacts are often used as a stylistic counterpoint to contemporary styles, adding an artisanal element to modern interiors. Produced by a small group of crafters, these masks are truly works of art. No two are exactly alike, allowing you to curate a unique interior that is completely your own. We have a range of genuine African and Indian masks, both large and small, to suit any wall space you may have. Looking for something colourful? Our Indian Tiger Masks are perfect for kids rooms or any colourful rooms in your home. Choose from pink, orange and yellow. Want something more monochrome? Our black and white Ghanaian Sun Mask is ideal. The geometric pattern adds interest to a room whilst keeping the colour pallete more muted. 


Functional Objects

Pick practical or functional objects as unexpected wall decor. Common items in the house can also make for great art and can provide an extra element of storage to your home. From hanging pots and chopping boards in the kitchen to displaying your guitar on the wall in your living room, using functional objects as art provides a real personal touch to your home. Our Ghanaian Fans are perfect for keeping you cool in the Summer months, but where do you store them over Winter? You could tuck them away in a drawer somewhere, but we think they look absolutely beautiful when displayed on the wall. Perfect for adding a pop of colour and a textural element to any room. Another great way to elevate your wall decor is to choose stylish and unique hardware such as hooks. Great practical, space-saving items such as wall hooks don't have to be boring! In fact, our range of Brass Hooks are ideal for functional wall decor. As pretty as they are practical, we have a huge range of designs, from celestial suns and moons to African-inspired sun masks and crocodile masks


Textiles and Wall Hangings

Adding textile elements to your walls is a great way to create a warm, cosy feeling in your space. Adding a sense of richness and luxury, these pieces are also perfect for filling up larger spaces on your walls. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, we love to add wall hangings, rugs and other pieces of textile art to our walls. The perfect focal point for your gallery wall has to be a beautiful wall hanging. Rich in texture with a bold, vibrant designs, our beautiful wall hangings are woven in small batches by hand in Kenya and are made from 100% wool. A truly unique and special piece to adorn your walls that is sure to be a conversation starter. Discreet loops along the top edge made it easy to display our unique wall hangings. These versatile pieces also double up as rugs, making it easy to change up the look of your room without having to invest in lots of new pieces. Our exclusive designs are guaranteed to be a talking point in your home.


Textural Elements

Creating interest through your wall decor can be as easy as adding an unexpected textural element. Our Ugandan Craft Collection Basket Bowls are the perfect starting piece for a gallery wall, each bowl has a handy loop on the back perfect for hanging. The natural texture of these baskets as well as their 3D shape adds interest to blank walls instantly. They can also be taken off the wall and used as a fruit bowl if you like to switch up your decor often. Each piece is meticulously crafted in Uganda. Incredible craftsmanship goes into the making of these baskets, taking our artisans days to create by hand. Mix and match different baskets to create a unique instillation in your home, or add one or two into your gallery wall for an eclectic look. 




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