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Sustainable Gift Wrapping | Eco-Friendly Christmas
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Sustainable Gift Wrapping | Eco-Friendly Christmas

Make the Nice List this Christmas by choosing sustainable gift wrapping! For many of us, the festive season includes the exchanging of gifts with our loved ones. Amidst the excitement, it is easy to forget to consider what happens to all that gift wrap and packaging after we’re finished with it. According to the GWP Group, a UK packaging company, consumers in the UK use approximately 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year, with over 83km2 heading directly to the bin. This area would wrap Big Ben / Elizabeth Tower 260,000 times!


Many local authorities don’t accept wrapping paper for recycling due to the additives included, such as dye, lamination, and glitter. This huge amount of gift wrapping can’t be fixed in place without loads of non-recyclable sticky tape - 40 million rolls to be exact. Luckily, having a sustainable Christmas is easier to achieve than you might think with our handy sustainable gift wrapping tips!


With ethics and sustainability high on our list of values, we feel as though it’s important to share what we know in order to help  all of us have a more eco-friendly holiday season. Here at AARVEN, we’re working towards creating a waste-free future. By using recycled brown paper and paper tape for our customer orders online, we’re helping to keep waste out of landfills and hopefully inspire others to do the same. But our sustainable wrapping practises don't stop there! If you're looking to add some more flair to your pressies without sacrificing on sustainability, we've found some perfect solutions. 



Fabric gift wrap is a fantastic alternative to paper wrapping that is both sustainable and fashionable! Not only that, it is fantastic for those of us who are not-so-confident at wrapping, or for any awkwardly shaped gifts. You can use any fabric you have lying around at home or even purchase purpose-made fabric wrap like one of the fantastic sets from Wrag Wrap. However, this isn't your only option! You could also try out dual purpose wrapping - if you are gifting a tea towel, for example, try using it as wrapping for another gift.


If you're using wrapping paper, opt for something that is both recycled and recyclable. Our luxury gift wrapping sheets are biodegradable and eco-friendly, putting the environment first. Crafted from handmade recycled paper, this sustainable gift wrap is hand screen-printed with our original prints in Jaipur, India. Crafted in a Sedex certified workshop, you can rest assured that our luxury gift wrap is also ethically produced. Choosing wrapping paper that can be recycled is a great way to make a more positive impact on the environment. 



Another great option is to re-use paper from other items. Whether you recycle wrapping paper you've received previously or save up your newspapers - using what we have is always better than creating new waste! We absolutely love using newspapers to wrap our gifts as they are large enough for 1 page to cover most presents. Our favourite newspapers to use (as well as read!) is The Happy Newspaper. These colourful pages full of happy news stories are sure to delight the gift recipient.


A few extra tips we have are;

  • Reuse paper, bags, boxes and other materials where possible. It’s good for the environment and your wallet!
  • Use a stocking! Place gifts straight into a stocking or fabric gift bag and there's no need to wrap. These can be used time and time again, creating a nice tradition. Our colourful African Wax Cotton Stockings are perfect for brightening up the big day! 
  • Tie your packages with string or use paper tape instead of plastic sellotape. Double check it is recyclable! 
  • Use dried orange slices, herbs or even off-cuts of a Christmas tree as gift decorations instead of plastic bows. This not only adds a unique touch, but makes your present smell amazing.


Lastly, If you are not sure whether or not your wrapping materials, or any household materials, are recyclable, is a great resource for understanding how to properly dispose of waste. 

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