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World Nature Conservation Day | How You Can Help

World Nature Conservation Day | How You Can Help

Celebrated on July 28 each year, World Nature Conservation Day raises awareness of the importance of a healthy environment as the foundation for a safe and happy society. To ensure the well-being of the present and future generations, we must all be responsible and participate in protecting and conserving our natural environment. Here are some of our top tips for how you can help protect the environment from the comfort of your own home! 




Recycling plastics and other materials helps reduce waste and harmful emissions from landfills and decreases your carbon footprint. It also reduces the need to use natural resources to create new products. It's not just paper and plastic - many items can be recycled from textiles to electronics. Recycle Now has all of the information you need from local recycling facilities to how to prepare your waste for recycling. Another great way you can recycle is by repurposing things rather that throwing them away. For example, you could save food jars and use them as storage or swap unwanted clothes with your friends! 



Eat Sustainable Food Options 

Food production is a major contributor to deforestation and loss of wildlife. Agricultural production for meat and dairy not only causes deforestation, but also uses large amounts of energy and water. Over-fishing by commercial fishing vessels is also a huge problem for our oceans and should be avoided where possible. Try avoiding a meat-dominated diet, cut down on animal products such as dairy and buy locally or organically sourced foods. These options are often more sustainably produced and consume less energy because they do not need to travel so far. Plus supporting your local greengrocers helps support your local economy - a win-win! 



Support eco-conscious companies 

As a consumer, we have a lot of power to support the companies that we think are doing some good! When spending your hard earned money we recommend supporting ethical, sustainable companies who care about the environment. Large corporations are far more damaging to the environment due to the sheer scale they work at. Next time you need to buy an essential, a gift or even do your food shop, keep an eye out for local, eco-conscious companies. Many of these companies also donate a portion of their proceeds towards environmental action which ensures the money you spend has positive impact. You can read more about our values here


Stay Educated 

With the rise of technology and the internet, we have all the information we could ever need right at our fingertips, so take time to read reputable sources and be aware of how the world is changing around us. Knowledge is power and one of the greatest ways to have an impact is to be aware. Sharing reputable petitions and fundraisers is also a great way to do some environmental activism without even having to leave your home. 



Donate (if you can!) 

There are so many wonderful charities and organisations fighting to save our planet. If you are able to donate to them, that is a great way to support the work that they do, whether it is a one-off donation or an ongoing monthly amount, every bit helps. If you aren't able to donate money, you could consider volunteering, arranging a fundraiser or donating to a raffle / charity shop depending on the organisation. Some charities that we really love are Sea Shepherd, The Wildlife Trusts, IUCN, Endangered Species International & WWF.    






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