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Paper Light Shades & Decorations | Meet Indian Paper Crafters
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Paper Light Shades & Decorations | Meet Indian Paper Crafters

On a sunny street in Jaipur a large sign sits proudly on an entrance gate bearing the slogan “Say No to Child Labour”. Business owner, Mohit hurries out from behind it to greet us and offers us hot spicy chai before the tour around his recycled paper factory. This is handicraft on a scale we haven’t seen before and it’s impressive to witness. Three floors of activity, employing dozens of happy faces.

Mohit is passionate about paper and creating a secure working environment for his artisans. The business is Sedex certified, one of the highest standards a factory can achieve for environmental excellence and employee rights.  

Downstairs stacks of paper bundled into different colours, are stored waiting to be mulched and pressed into new sheets. Downstairs, more machinery for printing, embossing and stitching by the team of talented staff. The workshop can produce orders of 1000’s of boxes, notebooks and light shades, each one skilfully cut, folded and stuck by hand. In the design office coloured paper animals and strings of garlands hang from the walls, as the team are busy creating new designs for clients. 

One product in particular caught our eye, the origami paper light shades, patiently made by a team of highly skilled men and women. We couldn't wait to produce a collection in our own colourful designs, screen printed onto FSC certified paper before being hand folded.


Artisans & Adventurers Indian Recycled Paper Light Shade

For longevity the paper is heat bonded to a recycled plastic film making them even longer lasting and easy to clean. Each light shade is supplied in a recycled and recyclable kraft box.

Styling tip: Try hanging three lamp shades together, from different heights, for a fun design statement, set to light up any room. 

 Shop our paper range here.
To install, simply part the metal ring at the top of the shade, slip over the wire above your bulb and close using the magnetic clasps.

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