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Ghanaian Woven Fans | Meet Agana and the women weavers
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Ghanaian Woven Fans | Meet Agana and the women weavers

Our woven fans from Ghana are made by a talented group of women weavers based in the Upper East Region, under the Burkina Fasso border, known as the weaving capital of Ghana. Made using the veta vera plant which grows abundantly in this hot, dry area and produces a strong and structed weave. Job opportunities are scarce in this rural part of the country and therefore weaving is a very important source of income to all of the groups we work with. As stylish as they are practical, use AARVEN's woven fans as a wall decoration or to keep cool on a hot day.

The co-operative we have partnered with is led by Agana who works very closely with the weavers. Our co-founder, Bee, met Agana when she visited Ghana for the first time in 2018. She spent 5 days travelling around the rural, baobab filled plains with Agana and his brother Atillus (picured below), to establish a personal connection with all of the weaving groups we now work with. 
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