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Ghanaian Woven Light Shades | Meet Agana & The Weavers
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Ghanaian Woven Light Shades | Meet Agana & The Weavers

Our handwoven light shades from Ghana are made by a group of skilled artisans based in the Upper East Region, under the Burkina Fasso border. This group of wonderfully talented artisans have made our Ghanaian Baskets for a long time before also developing more products with us, such as our musical shakers and,  of course, light shades. The baskets and light shades are made with indigenous veta vera which grows abundantly in this hot, dry area. This raw material is strong and is ideal for weaving our structured light shades which are instantly recognisable as Ghanaian. The area these light shades come from is known globally as the weaving capital of Ghana. 


Agana and Bee on her visit in 2021. 


The co-operative we have partnered with is led by Agana who works very close with the weavers. Agana lives with his extended family and like most local people started school very late and has found it hard to make a living. At 15 he learnt how to weave to support his family. Weaving is now his main source of income and he is so happy to now be able to support other weavers as well.


Photos from Bee's first trip to Ghana in 2018 when she helped apply mud to houses. 


Upon first meeting the group in 2018, our Co-founder Bee noted the locals gentle pace of life and their welcoming nature. She said; "The upper east region of Ghana is the most poverty-stricken, in spite of this, the kids are extremely curious and the locals are always smiling. Visiting rural groups in this region opened a new cultural door to me. Unfortunately, a lot of deforestation has taken place to make way for farming so the round mud huts sit in a hot and barren landscape. The women weavers I met were great fun. Their faces were stern when we first met but after a while they got used to me and softened. The group gave me the name 'Tampoka' which in Fra Fra (the local language) means 'Woman of the Hills', they have heard that there are lush green hills in England."



The light shades are designed by our Co-founder Amy at our seaside studio in Margate. She sketches out the shapes, patterns and colours for all of our new light shade designs. These sketches then go over to Agana who helps to pick out the perfect weavers for the job. The women weavers then begin work, weaving each and every light shade entirely by hand. 



Shop our Ghanaian Light Shades here. 


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