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Little Travellers & Bunny Kats | WOZA MOYA
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Little Travellers & Bunny Kats | WOZA MOYA

Whether it's the sweet Little Traveller pin brooches or the loveable Bunny Kats, everything made by Woza Moya is sure to put a smile on your face. Woza Moya (meaning Rise Up in Zulu) is a creative craft hub situated in The Valley of 1000 Hills in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It's an income generation project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust and assists over 350 crafters impacted by HIV/AIDS. Woza Moya offertraining in different crafts and helps each person earn a sustainable income. Woza Moya produces fabulous crafts that are not only traditionally inspired but which reflect the unique culture and heritage of its people.


The Little Traveller dolls are one of their craft projectsEvery Little Traveller is unique to the individual crafters making them. From the economic empowerment they provide, the dolls are often seen as symbols of pride and hope for the future, one of the most important factors in fighting the epidemic. Along side crafts, the centre also teaches farming and healthcare. Their outreach projects work directly with marginalised families and individuals, providing vital income that helps communities afford education, food, water and other vital lifelines. 

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