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Recycled Glass Jewellery Collection | Meet the Artisans
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Recycled Glass Jewellery Collection | Meet the Artisans

Our recycled glass jewellery collection focuses around beautifully unique recycled glass beads that our Head of Adventure, Bee, discovered during a sourcing trip to Ghana. Each bead is framed in recycled gold toned brass by husband and wife artisan duo Anton and Benta in their garden workshop in Nairobi. Each design is made in a limited edition of 10 to 30 pieces. 


Anton and Benta who cast the jewellery 


The beads are all made in Ghana from hundreds of recycled glass bottles found around the capital city of Akra. Using a metal crusher, the bottles are ground into a fine powder which is then placed into clay moulds. A stick is used to make a hole in the centre of the bead before placing them in an open fire to melt the glass. Once cooled the beads are polished using a concave rock, sand and water. 


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