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Incense | Meet Silence Workshop
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Incense | Meet Silence Workshop

Our natural incense stick packets are made by Silence – a non-profit organisation in India ran by a lovely lady named Soma, who provide reliable income for physically disabled and mentally ill artisan employees.


The focus of the charity is to offer opportunities to those in need, without discrimination. 85% of Silence staff are physically disabled, meaning many of them had to drop out of mainstream education in their childhood. Silence helps to support these artisans through teaching programs whilst giving them the opportunity to make a living. 



Silence started out as a small collective of deaf artists making hand painted greetings cards to earn a living. Quickly, the group expanded to become an organisation committed to social well-being and socio-economic rehabilitation. The group officially became Silence in April 1979, and today has evolved into an impressive organisation with state-of-the-art facilities, including their own Training Institute. 


Of the charities total earnings, 95% is distributed amongst the artisans in the form of their monthly salary and additional benefits including medical care, travel allowances, festival bonuses, pensions and more.



Silence is a Guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and therefore works towards female empowerment, zero discrimination, no child labour and complete transparency with all of its international partners.


Each packet is crafted from eco-friendly recycled paper with a hand screen-printed botanical design. Our incense is made from pure natural ingredients with traditional incense scents.


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