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South African Basotho Khotso Blankets | Meet Aranda
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South African Basotho Khotso Blankets | Meet Aranda

Established in 1953, Aranda is the oldest blanket manufacturer in South Africa. Known for producing high-quality, traditional style blankets that last the test of time. A household name in South Africa, Aranda was born out of the merging of cultures and passion for high-quality, sustainable design. 


Dr Rodolfo Magni, Mr Giulio Magni, Mr Moses Molete, Mr Alberto Magni. 


In the heart Tuscany at the foot of Monte Retaia, you will find the city of Prato, also known as the textile capital of Italy. This was home to Aranda’s founding family, the Magni’s. It was here that the family set up their first textiles mill. During World War II, before Germany pulled out of Italy, the factory was destroyed after bombs were planted under the machinery as part of the Scorched Earth Policy. South African troops, under the command of Colonel Arthur Aiken, occupied what was left of the factory. Aiken persuaded the Magni family to move to South Africa after the war to rebuild their future. The family purchased a large piece of land in a small mining town called Randfontein. It was here that a new factory was built in 1951, and where Aranda continues to operate from to this day. The first ever Aranda blankets were produced in 1953, and their success has been growing ever since. Aranda is today, the only genuine fully vertical, manufacturer of blankets and throws in South Africa. This means all products are created from raw fibre to finished goods. 



We stock the Basotho Khotso blankets, which have a deep cultural significance and history with the Basotho people of South Africa. Basotho tribal blankets are traditionally worn as part of everyday life. The designs featured on the blankets have been developed over many years with the blessing of the Lesotho Royal Family.  The corncob is the most widely used motif throughout Basotho blankets. In Basotho culture, maize is the staple food and therefore the corncob is a symbol of fertility and wealth.



A unique feature of Basotho blankets is the layout of the design, the various symbols used, the bold colour combinations and the characteristic pin-stripe. This stripe was originally a weaving fault which has become a unique part of the design and indicates which way the blanket is worn. When worn in the traditional manner, the pin-stripe runs vertically which symbolises growth. Traditionally Basotho blankets are manufactured from wool, but the blankets we stock are made from super soft acrylic, making them softer on sensitive skin, easier to clean and suitable for a vegan lifestyle. 


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