African Promise are an incredible charity that support primary schools in Kenya, a country that we work in extensively and hold very dear to our hearts. The charity works to improve the lives of children in rural communities today and give them the chance of a brighter future tomorrow. African Promise creates child-friendly 'model' schools by building safe infrastructure, providing food for a daily lunchtime meal and equipping schools with resources including desks, books and teachers. 


Our stunning Kiondo Baskets come from the same area that African Promise works in so on our numerous buying trips we have also had the privilege of seeing the schools and witnessing first hand how charity founder, Charles Coldman and his team work to uplift the lives of the children that attend them.


As of April 2023, we have raised over £2,300 for African Promise through the sales of our Kenyan collection. 


African Promise Founder, Charles Coldman


"Over the last few months, thanks to the support of all our donors including AARVEN and its customers, we have been able to continue with the following activities across our partner schools:
  • supplying food for a daily lunchtime meal for around 2,300 children
  • donating funds towards the salaries of around 75 extra teachers and critical support staff
  • contributing towards the costs of essential repairs and maintenance
  • donating equipment and resources including classroom, dining hall and office furniture, textbooks, and printers/copiers
  • undertaking minor and major infrastructure projects including installation of additional rainwater harvesting/storage capacity and construction of toilets    
Although we cannot exactly say what the funds from AARVEN have paid for, by way of an illustration, £1,000 would have paid for a 10,000 litre water tank, around 12,500 meals, or the salaries of 10 teachers for a month." - Charles Coldman, African Promise Founder.



You can read more about our partnership here.