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Pink Rickshaw Company | International Women's Day

Pink Rickshaw Company | International Women's Day

As many of you know, today is a none other than International Women’s Day! We cannot be thankful enough for the women in our lives, and all the amazing ladies out there striving to make the world a better place. In honour of the day, we would like to take a moment to recognise a company special to our hearts, PINK CITY RICKSHAW COMPANY, located in Jaipur, India. While in the area, we had the special opportunity of riding with one of PINK CITY’S female tuk tuk drivers, and were astonished at the courage and tenacity of these women to operate as some of the only female drivers in the city (tuk tuk’s are traditionally driven exclusively by men).

pink rickshaw tuk tuk company jaipur

We were so inspired we decided to interview PINK CITY’S CEO, inquiring about the foundation of the idea. The wonderful Vipin Sharma opens up, sharing that the idea of starting PINK CITY RICKSHAW COMPANY came to him because he didn’t see a reason why women couldn’t also be rickshaw drivers; women are just as capable of the job! This company stands out because all other similar innovative initiatives are still on paper, but this one has actually been executed, Sharma states with pride. He continues to discuss how the biggest barrier he has encountered is simply the mentality of people, because society traditionally does not believe that women can be E-rickshaw drivers, and the women are given lots of strange looks by onlookers. Previously, women were doing lac bangles work, some worked at the petrol pump, some home guarded at Amer Fort, however; providing visitors to Jaipur the opportunity to explore the city the “royal way” holds special meaning to them as a job.

 children smiling in a tuk tuk in jaipur

Artisans & Adventurers says, WAY TO GO LADIES!!! What an inspirational story! We commend these women, and all women who are actively changing the world. Today is a day of great pride to be a part of such a wonderful female’s world.

Co-founders Amy and Bee ride in the pink rickshaw through jaipur

Written by Danielle Fessler


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