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Adventure | Colourful Marrakech

Adventure | Colourful Marrakech

At Artisans & Adventurers travelling runs through our veins, adventuring to new and exciting places feeds us fresh inspiration. Read on to be whisked away to Morocco by our Store Manager and Head of Merchandising, Dani Woolley, as she falls in love with the colourful courtyards and secret gardens of Marrakech. 

Marrakech is a feast of colour for the eyes. One minute you'll be gasping in wonderment, the next you'll realise that you're utterly lost in the magical, yet extremely confusing centre of Medina.
"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"- Henry David Thoreau  
Our first day in Marrakech didn't disappoint, we visited Le Jardin Majorelle. Once home to Jacques Majorelle, a French painter, who spent over 40 years creating this enchanting home and gardens. His namesake shade of blue is hard to miss, it radiates and is quite possibly the most uplifting colour I've ever seen. The house and gardens where rescued in 1980 by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé who stopped the site from becoming a hotel complex and introduced their signature style into the mix. 
We chose to walk to most places, everything in the city is within a 45 minute walk. Walking leads you to discover hidden gems that you mightn't have stumbled upon otherwise. One of these places was the Kasbah Souks, Kasbah is the oldest part of the city, home to the Saadian Tombs and many Berber Pharmacies. Drinking traditional moroccan mint tea, upon a rooftop cafe is an obligation! Overlooking a sea of plaster pink and terracotta, decorated with opulent palm trees isn't a bad view to admire during lunch either!
One of the largest sources of colour is a somewhat unexpected one.. the food! Food in Marrakech is second to none, especially for vegetarians. The vegetable tagines, green lentil soup and colourful almond pastries where scoffed down so quickly I didn't manage to get any snaps! Nomad, Le Jardin, Cafe Kasbah and Kechmara where some of my favourites. Le Jardin also happens to be the garden of your dreams, it's lusciously green. Nestled in a small courtyard it really shows you what you can do with greenery in tiny urban spaces.
After a fantastic week of exploring magical places, and learning from the best shop keepers in the world! I'm coming home with fresh ideas for our stores. 
Dani, Store Manager.
"Adventure awaits around every corner"

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