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Low Waste Gifts for Kids

Low Waste Gifts for Kids

Gift-giving, whilst enjoyable, can also be a very wasteful activity, especially when it comes to buying gifts for kids! Most kids we know don't really need anything, but that doesn't mean they have to miss out on gifts. Instead, we love buying the kids in our lives thoughtful, well-made and low-waste gifts that they can treasure for years...


Ethical Clothing 

Clothes can be a great option for low-waste gifting as they are a practical item that will get used. When shopping for kids clothes, look for natural materials and styles that will last as long as possible. We love Nudnik, a small Canadian brand who make beautiful, organic cotton, genderless clothes for kids aged 1-7. All of their kids clothing is made from pre-consumer textile waste that would otherwise pollute the planet. They also package everything in zero-waste packaging. We particularly love the dungarees as they are designed to grow along with your child as the legs are designed to be rolled up and the straps buttoned down for extended wear. 


 Musical Instruments 

Musical instruments such as shakers, tambourines and triangles make excellent gifts for kids as they can continue to be enjoyed as the child grows older. Choosing instruments made from natural materials instead of plastic is best as they will last longer and are better for the environment. Our Ghanaian Shakers are handmade in Ghana by expert artisans. Sourced on co-founder Bee's last trip, these woven shakers are filled with seeds, so they make a soft, natural noise when shaken against the sewn on gourd cap. Available in 2 sizes, mixed colours or natural. 


Fruit and Vegetable Seeds

A great gift for children ages 3 and up. Pick the child's favourite fruits and/or veggies and plant them together. Watching them grow and celebrating when they germinate is an exciting, bonding experience that any kid is sure to love. Fruits and vegetables are a great choice because you not only get to watch them grow, but they can be harvested and eaten too. This is a great gift for kids who love to learn and get their hands dirty! Suttons offer a good range of organic vegetable seeds to shop online here, or head to your local garden centre. 


Bedroom Furniture 

Furniture for a child's bedroom is an excellent, low-waste gift as it is practical, useful and can be treasure for many, many years to come. One of our favourite gifts for kids is our Wooden Animal Stools. They are obviously great for little ones to sit on, but they can also be used as tables for playing on whilst they're small and then be used for bedside tables or plant pot stands as they get bigger. These fun stool come in 3 sizes in Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah and Leopard designs. They are hand carved in a Nairobi workshop run by one of the founders of the popular Maasai Market in Westlands, Zephania. They're made from Wild Olive wood that is all sustainably sourced from Zephania’s own plantations in his hometown, Kissi, where he continually re-plants trees. 




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