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How to Style Our Ghanaian Light Shades

How to Style Our Ghanaian Light Shades

Our handwoven light shades from Ghana are made by a group of skilled artisans based in the Upper East Region, under the Burkina Fasso border. This group of wonderfully talented artisans have made our Ghanaian Baskets for a long time before also developing more products with us, such as our musical shakers and,  of course, light shades. The area these light shades come from is known globally as the weaving capital of Ghana. Our light shades are designed by our Co-founder, Amy, at our seaside studio in Margate. She sketches out the shapes, patterns and colours for all of our new light shade designs. These sketches then go over to Agana who helps to pick out the perfect weavers for the job. The women weavers then begin work, weaving each and every light shade entirely by hand. You can learn more about our artisans here. We're going to take you through some of our favourite ways to style our beautiful Ghanaian light shades...



Neutrals on Neutrals

Our Cone Light Shade in Natural is perfect for your living room! The neutral colour creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and can easily be styled alongside your current decor. We love adding texture to a room, and these light shades are the perfect centrepiece for a neutrally decorated room. We think they look great hung in clusters, if you plan on hanging more than one light shade just bear in mind that odd numbers usually look best! Pair with neutral accessories that have interesting textural elements, like our Calico Diamonds Throw which features a subtle, tonal diamond pattern. Another great pairing for this shade is our Kenyan Soapstone Collection as this beautiful, natural material features many neutral tones throughout. Our Soapstone Vases look particularly great with dried blooms displayed in them. 


Creative & Colourful

For those who love vibrant, bold designs, our Open Weave Light Shade in Kambuchari is ideal. This beautiful shade features brilliant hues of green, blue and coral, all of which are achieved using natural dyes. To style this shade, we love going all out on the colour, pattern and texture fronts! Mixing and matching different patterns and textures creates depth to a design and makes your room far more interesting to look at. If you love colour as much as we do, we recommend pairing this shade with our Indigo Rug in Monkey Puzzle, as not only does the indigo blue dye help to highlight the blue tones on the light shade, the bold, graphic pattern creates an interesting juxtaposition to the soft lines of the shade itself. Other items we think pair perfectly with this shade are our Pink Soapstone Tea Light Holder and Green Waterfall Basket as they accentuate all the beautiful colours of the shade. 


Mono / Geo

These lovely little shades are always a firm favourite with our customers and it's easy to see why! Our Monochrome Light Shade looks fantastic hung in groups, or when paired with other monochromatic light shades such as our Natural Triangles Light Shade. To style this shade, we love to keep things bold and monochromatic. Think lively geometric patterns and striking light & dark colourways. The key to a fantastic monochromatic design is adding different patterns and textures. Combine the natural texture of our Cosmos Coaster with the smooth surface of our Black & White Soapstone Hippo Dish. Create a cosier space by adding a Mud Cloth Cushion Cover.


Charming Corals

The perfect pairing for our Coffee and Walnut Dome Shade? Warm, rusty, autumnal tones! From mustard yellow to cool corals, warm shades really compliment this stunning shade. Keep things cosy with natural materials like our Wool Wall Hangings and Ugandan Woven Tray. Add some depth with a beautiful Candle Stick Holder in gorgeous gold-toned brass. Create the ultimate homely space by choosing more than one. You can experiment with placing two on the ends of shelves, or mix and match with our other brass holders and group together. 

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