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Spring 2022 Jewellery Trends | Sustainable Fashion

Spring 2022 Jewellery Trends | Sustainable Fashion

Jewellery has the amazing ability to lift our mood, inject some personality into an outfit and make us stand out from the crowd! We love looking to the current trends for inspiration, but did you know that fast fashion jewellery can actually be very unethical and unsustainable? Most fast fashion retailers stock jewellery, unfortunately, the people who produce these cheap jewellery collections are exploited workers, much like those who work in sweatshops or poorly-run factories sewing our clothes. Fast fashion jewellery is often very trend-based, meaning many people will throw away these pieces once the trend has passed. Virgin metals, plastic and unethical gold or silver plating are the materials that are mostly used for making fast fashion jewellery, and all of these have their own detrimental effects. Harsh chemicals are also often used to produce cheap jewellery, most of which get washed back into our water supplies, wreaking irreversible damage to our ecosystems. But fear not! We're here to show you how you can still wear all the latest trends with our sustainable, ethically produced jewellery... 


Bauble Rings

Colourful bauble rings have been very popular on the runways for this season. The bold style is eye-catching and fun, with a 'more is more' approach to fashion. Many of these pieces are made from plastic, but there are more sustainable options available! Our Pendulum and Klein rings are ideal for trying out this trend as they are ethically made from sustainable materials that will stand the test of time. Each ring features a beautiful recycled glass bead made in Ghana that has been lovingly set into recycled brass. 


Mixed Metals

Are you team gold or silver? Mixing your metals is on-trend in 2022, whether that’s in layering pieces or in a single two-tone piece. Our Indian Jewellery Collections are available in a choice of recycled brass or recycled silver, making it easy to mix and match. We also have a number of pieces that combine recycled aluminium with recycled brass, such as our Zawadi Necklace or Pearl Ring. Our Nebula Ring is also perfect for those who really want to make a statement!  


Colourful Beads

This season is all about adding a pop of colour to your outfit, and what better way to do that than with colourful jewellery! Also from our recycled glass bead range, we have colourful necklaces and earrings to add a splash of colour and fun to your look. Our Pendulum Necklace features a beautifully vibrant orange and blue bead made from recycled glass, whilst our Abstract earrings feature gorgeous tones of yellow, red, blue, green and brown.  



Chunky Chains 

One jewellery piece that's arguably always on trend is the chunky chain. For Spring 2022, designers are adding chains to shoes, belts, and even creating giant chain-links as clothing! Seeing as the chunky chain is back in a big way, we say go big or go home! Our Upendo Necklace features thick heart shaped links that have been hand cast and polished. Match with our Upendo Bracelet to make the ultimate statement. 


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