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World Kindness Day 2021

World Kindness Day 2021

We think the world could always use a little more kindness, that is why we wanted to celebrate World Kindness Day this year by talking about all things kindness with our fabulous team. World Kindness Day is an international observance that takes place on 13th November every year. It was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement and is celebrated in many countries across the world including Canada, Australia, Nigeria and Singapore. With the uncertain times we find ourselves in, we think it is more important than ever to spread a little kindness and celebrate those around you who go out of their way to be kind. 


What does kindness mean to you?

Leona: To me, kindness means remembering that everyone you meet has their own story and to treat them gently as we never know what could be happening in someone else's life.

Amy: Kindness isn’t grand, to me it’s about the little every day things we do to make others feel loved and cared for. It’s also about the choices we make for the planet and all the creatures we share this beautiful, spinning green and blue ball with.

Bella: I think kindness is a spontaneous gesture. It’s an act of helping others without them asking

Dosh: Pain and suffering cannot always be taken away, however by caring for others through deeds and by having compassion pain and suffering can be 'held' and thus become bearable. Showing kindness is recognition of this, and kindness can take the form of both practical acts and feelings of care for others in an effort to reduce suffering and to simply make life nicer.

Natalie: What does kindness mean to me? That's a difficult one for me as I was brought up to be kind.

Nicola: Kindness, to me, is making everyone’s lives a little better by way of selfless acts, love and thoughtfulness. 

Bee: Kindness means treating all humans and animals around us with the utmost consideration and respect.  All life is sacred and special.  In our work I see so much poverty between the lines.  Travelling into remote areas of Africa and India is exciting and glamourous but at times it is incredibly moving.  I travel with my eyes open and I see quite a lot of poverty along the way and it can really get to me sometimes. In a lot of the places I travel survival is so important that sometimes people forget how to be kind.


Who inspires you to be kind? 

Leona: My pets have always inspired me to be kind to animals and to other people. Taking care of my dogs and cat showed me what unconditional love is, and how important it is to be kind to those who rely on us. 

Amy: My husband, Freddy and my business partner, Bee. They are both incredibly thoughtful people who are always there with a listening ear, a slice of cake or an offer to lend a hand where it’s needed. I am very grateful to have them in my life.

Bella: Myself, because it makes me feel good and positive!

Dosh: My friend Flavia Rose inspires me to be kind because I love her and love gives you the strength to be kind.

Natalie: The person who inspired me to be kind is I guess my parents as they showed me to be kind.

Nicola: My friends and family are a constant inspirational source of kindness.

Bee: My answer above may seem quite negative but it inspires me to do what we do with all my heart and soul and I know that along the way we help.  The lessons I have learnt from the people in the countries I have visited inspire me daily.


What is the kindest thing you have done for someone else? 

Leona: I think the kindest thing I have ever done it become vegan! Since going vegan over 5 years ago I have saved at least 214 animals which I think is pretty amazing. 

Amy: Artisans & Adventurers is a wonderful outlet for kindness and I’m so happy to be part of a business that puts people at the heart of everything it does. 

Bella: The kindest thing I’ve done (and continue to do) is to think of others and consider people on an everyday basis

Dosh: I carried someone's heavy bags across Margate so they could get home once! The bags were very heavy and it was a hot day and halfway up Dane Hill I began to regret being kind but I kept going!

Natalie: The kindest thing I have done for someone, again that's a tough one as I try and be kind to everyone,  as I have a learning disability it has showed me to be patient with people as you don't know what they are going through.

Nicola: I provided help, care and support to a close friend of mine during lockdown, not long after she had given birth to twins. She was in need of some help and company. 

Bee: During the pandemic it was so hard for friends I have made across Africa and I tried to help in small ways here and there.  One of the people I helped was my friend in Kenya, Jemimah, a disabled woman's rights activist.  I helped fund her last term's college and exam entry fees and she passed the exams with flying colours and has now  the been accepted at the University of kenya for a BA in Development  Studies.  Jemimah is contantly helping people in her community - she buys food, medicines and fights for the rights of those who cannot.


What one way can you spread a little kindness everyday? 

Leona: I think just connecting with people everyday is a great way to spread kindness. A simple "hello" or "have a nice day" can go a long way and always makes me smile. 

Amy: Open a door, smile and say hello, eat less meat and dairy, plant some insect friendly flowers, call an old friend.

Bella: I feel like smiling and greeting people is a simple but impactful gesture

Dosh: You can spread kindness by getting to know your neighbours and checking on them if they are ill or need anything.

Natalie: Spreading a bit of kindness each day to everyone you meet on your day to day life it just might make them feel happy- someone once told me just smiling at someone can make their day, then they will pass it on and before you know it the whole world is smiling!

Nicola: It’s easy to spread a little kindness with a smile and a happy, positive nature.

Bee: By just being aware of what is going on around you and helping with little things where ever possible you are spreading kindness

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