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Community | Celebrating International Women's Day

Community | Celebrating International Women's Day

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Today, International Women’s day, organisations in at least 30 countries are taking action for gender equality in 'A Day Without a Woman'. As an all-women team, we are proud to support global women’s social, political, and especially economic enfranchisement.

The Day Without A Woman took inspiration from recent mobilisations by women from Poland to South Korea, from Latin America to Italy. In a call to strike published in the Guardian this January, American feminist leaders described the movements as heralding a global, comprehensive form of feminism.

Rather than taking action for an isolated issue, a global trend shows women taking action that “combined struggles against male violence with opposition to the casualisation of labor and wage inequality, while also opposing homophobia, transphobia and xenophobic immigration policies,“ The Guardian. 

This trend recognises that comprehensive equality cannot be achieved in isolation.


For us as women, personally and professionally, global enfranchisement matters. Today is a day to recognise and thank all the women we work with near and far. 


Or check the hashtags #IWD #DayWithoutAWoman #BeBoldForChange#BeBoldforChange

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