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Bee is Off to India! | Reflecting on our travels

Bee is Off to India! | Reflecting on our travels

Last week, our co-founder and intrepid adventurer, Bee Friedmann, packed her backpack, said goodbye to her beloved dog, Wolf and travelled solo to India in search of culture, crafts and adventure (of course!). To celebrate, we thought we'd round up some of our previous travels and take you along on our past adventures...


Rajasthan | 2017

Back in 2017 our co-founders Amy and Bee headed off on a trip to India to visit our artisans & source new products. During this trip they stayed in the beautiful Neemrana Fort Palace

"Watching the sun set over the valley below was a wonderful sight and as dusk drew in hundreds of lights flickered on illuminating the palace's multiple levels. Cocktails and sitar playing in the top courtyard was a wonderfully relaxing treat. Bring cash to tip the musicians and get up to dance with them during the final piece if you're feeling brave."

Read more about this adventure here.


Uganda | 2019 

Bee visited Uganda back in September of 2019 when her initial trip to Zimbabwe fell through. Uganda is a country she has always wanted to travel to, and she certainly wasn't disappointed! 

"Uganda is a peaceful country and one that I had been told was very, very beautiful.  It was. A lot of tourism there is centred on Primate reserves.  It is one of the best places to see Gorillas and Chimpanzees and tourism contributes greatly to the protection of these magnificent creatures.  Unfortunately, I did not get to see any but what I did see was way more up my street (or dust road in this case)."

Read more about this adventure here.


Mombasa | 2017

Co-founder, Bee, went on a solo basket buying adventure back in 2017 from Nairobi to Mombasa. In this journal entry, she shares stories of dusty roads, imaginary lions and sing-alongs.

"We zoom along in the staggering heat from group to group – welcome dances are danced, songs are sung, baskets displayed, baskets are bought and paid for. They are then piled high and stuffed into white sacks, which are tied with rubber onto the trusty and sturdy Piki Piki parcel rack." 

Read more about this adventure here.


Ghana | 2018

 On the 31st May in 2018, Bee headed off on an exciting solo adventure to Ghana in pursuit of crafts and baskets. 

"I loved the capital Accra - The Ghanaians are super friendly and especially proud. Everywhere you go women wear extravagant frocks - the men are equally vibrant sporting African print shirts in hot pinks and peacock blues! The women basket weavers I met were great fun. Their faces were stern when we first met but after a while they got used to me and softened. The group gave me the name 'Tampoka' which in Fra Fra (the local language) means 'Woman of the Hills', they have heard that there are lush green hills in England. 

Read more about this adventure here.

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