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Christmas Gift Guide | Gifts for Zero Waste Living

Christmas Gift Guide | Gifts for Zero Waste Living

Christmas, whilst certainly an exciting time of year, can also be a very wasteful time of year. Unwanted gifts, packaging galore and throw-away novelty items all lead to a huge 3 million tonnes of additional waste created at Christmas time in the UK alone. We know that many of our customers, like us, try to live a lower waste or zero waste lifestyle. That is why we have put together this handy gift guide for those in your life who are trying to cut down on their single use plastics and live a more sustainable lifestyle. You can still give amazing, practical and ethical gifts this year, even if you are trying to shop more sustainably. 

Who doesn't love to receive a beautifully scented soap? Even better, our ARTHOUSE Unlimited soaps all come in intricately illustrated, plastic free packaging and they are paraben free and suitable for vegans. Bars of soap are far more environmentally friendly than liquid soap which usually comes packaged in a plastic bottle. Many people that are living a zero waste lifestyle will opt for bars of soap over liquid soap, so this is sure to be a winner.  This Underwater Black Pomegranate bar is scented with a black pomegranate fragrance with burnt wood warmth, like a comforting hug wrapped in a beautifully peppery aromatic scent. It also has a loving message inscribed on it, a little touch that we think makes these bars really special. ARTHOUSE are a charity representing the skills and talents of men and women living with complex epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties. They are a social enterprise, meaning 100% of profits go back into the work they do to support the incredible artists.

Another great option for a zero waste gift is a reusable cutlery set. Our Hand Carved Olive Wood and Bone Picnic Set has a sleek, minimal design with carved bone accents that are made from cattle bone that is a bi-product of the meat industry. Complete with a form, knife and spoon, this smart little set has everything you need for dining on the go so that you don't need to resort to single use plastics. And as is the key to zero waste gifting, this is an incredibly useful little gift that is sure to be used over and over again. 

One of the main things many people do to live a more sustainable lifestyle is to ditch the plastic carrier bags and instead use reusable shopping bags and baskets. Our Ghanaian Bolga Baskets are hand woven with hard wearing thick straw and dyed with natural, plant-based dyes. The high quality of craftsmanship makes them a once in a lifetime purchase, if you can resist buying more than just one! They are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and even cheap cotton shopping bags. They are incredibly durable, meaning they're perfect for carrying heavier shopping like fruits, vegetables and tins. They're also a great storage solution, making them the perfect multi-use gift. 

Finally, why not ditch the disposable wrapping paper and instead opt for colourful, reusable gift wrap? Our African Wax Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap comes in three vibrant African wax prints. We use fabric from past collections that would otherwise become waste material, making them truly zero waste. Each sheet can be cleverly wrapped around different shaped presents and re-used thousands of times - it's especially handy for those awkwardly shaped gifts that you don't know how to wrap. If you decide not to reclaim your wrap from the recipient, they can be used as napkins or tea towels, becoming part of the gift itself. 


We hope this gift guide gave you some great zero waste gifting ideas! If you want to learn a little bit more about zero waste living, you can have a look at our previous blog post for plastic free alternatives here. What zero waste gift would you love to receive? Let us know in the comments! 

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