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How to Create a Colourful Children's Room

How to Create a Colourful Children's Room

We love the fun you can have when decorating a kid's room! Creating colourful, fun, playful spaces is one of our favourite things to do - and who appreciates those things more than children? Often when decorating spaces for children, we are drawn towards cheaper, more 'disposable' products, but we believe this doesn't have to be the case! You can create a beautiful, sustainable and ethical room for your children much more easily than you'd think. Here are some of our top tips for creating a kid-friendly, colourful space... 


Pick easily washable textiles

The textiles you use in a room are a great way to add a big splash of colour with minimal effort. That being said, we know that kids and fabrics aren't always the best mix! Whether its food, paint or mud - one of these things is bound to find its way onto your kid's rugs and cushions. That's why we recommend picking things that are easy to pop into the washing machine. Our Colourful Reversible Block Printed Rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas of your home. If one side gets a bit mucky, you can flip it over to reveal a different design! Then when they need a wash, they can be machine washed on your coolest cycle as they are made from 100% cotton. Then, simply air dry your rug and it will be good as new!  Similarly, our Indian Indigo Cushion Covers can easily be popped into the machine when they need a good wash (though the bold, colourful designs are quite good at disguising muck!). 


Practical doesn't have to be boring 

Keeping your eye open for fun, quirky designs for what would otherwise be fairly mundane objects is always a good idea when decorating for kids. Our Hand Carved Wooden Animal Stools come in a range of different sizes and animal designs to suit any room. The bold, fun design is sure to delight children of all ages. These stools are fantastic for children as they can use them for many years to come. When they are small they make great bedside tables, stools to sit on, tables to play at or they can be used as a hop-up in the kitchen. We love multi-functional designs as it means less purchases, and items that you can keep and cherish for a long time. Our Tanzanian Bobble Ties are also great fun for kids rooms and can be used for a multitude of things. They're great curtain tie backs, napkin rings, hair ties or can even just be worn around the wrist. The flexible wire inside means they can be wrapped around just about anything to add a touch of colour! 


Storage is key 

Colourful, attractive storage solutions are an absolute must for any kid's room! A great option for easy storage are our Hand Woven Baskets. Whether it's toys, socks, books, craft supplies or anything else your children need to store, we think baskets are perfect for this. You can mix and match colours to create a look that is totally unique to you, plus the natural fibre adds some interesting texture to the space. Because they are not make from a breakable material, baskets give your kids easy access to their own toys as well as making it easy for them to tidy up themselves without you having to worry about how it will look in the end. 


Add some fun accessories

What better way to round off your colourful design than with some unique accessories! Our Medium Beaded Animal Heads look amazing in kid's rooms - particularly if they are jungle themed. Each one is lovingly hand made by Jones in Zimbabwe, these unique pieces can be treasured forever. If you're looking for something a little more dainty, our Indian Hanging Bell Decorations are perfectly pretty for hanging on door handles, drawer knobs and curtain rails. Kid's are bound to love the jingly sound and the shiny golden embellishments. 


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