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Introducing Our New Wooden Utensils Collection
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Introducing Our New Wooden Utensils Collection

We believe that even the most practical items can be designed to bring some joy to your everyday. That belief is what inspired us to create our latest collection of wooden utensils. All of our contemporary wooden products are hand carved in a Nairobi workshop run by one of the founders of the popular Maasai Market in Westlands, Zephania. These items are made from Wild Olive wood that is all sustainably sourced from Zephania’s own plantations in his hometown, Kissi, where he continually re-plants trees. Let's meet the new collection...


Grazing Dish and Small Spice Spoon

This beautifully simple two section snacking dish is ideal for small nibbles like olives, nuts, or dried fruits. This divided serving dish allows you to cleanly separate food for a sophisticated snacking experience. AARVEN’s grazing dish is a favourite centrepiece for dining tables, giving guests a unique way to select their food. Its small size makes it portable for outings and picnics too! 


AARVEN are proud to introduce this tactile miniature wooden spoon to our collection. The perfect size to store in your favourite spice jars, this spoon is a foodie’s best friend when it comes to convenience. The flat teardrop design makes scooping from small containers easy. Use for spices, serving sugar, seeds, or baking powder. A sweet and thoughtful gift for chefs and home cooks.


Small Spoon With Decorative Handle and Scoop Spoon With Holes

We designed this spoon with your comfort in mind. The unique handle is curved for an easy grip, making serving and scooping carefree. The small size makes it the ideal miniature spoon for storing inside your coffee or loose-leaf tea jars. It’s also popular in the dining room or kitchen for dips and condiments.


Sieve as you serve with AARVEN’s scoop spoon with holes. It’s the perfect size for fitting into jars of pickled goodies like olives, onions, and gherkins. The clever perforated design quickly drains away the brine before it reaches the plate. This wooden slotted spoon is a must-have for buffets, catered events, or home snacking. Boasting a beautifully carved handle, the simple yet enhancing design is a testament of Kenyan handicrafts.


Spatula With Carved Handle and Contemporary Mixing Spoon

Give your kitchen some love with our unique hand-carved wooden spatula with decorative handle. Its thin, subtle curve makes it excellent for flipping pancakes and eggs, as it easily slides beneath the food. Unlike metal spatulas, wild olive wood will not damage non-stick pans, and will not transfer heat. The wood has natural antibacterial properties and is stain resistant.


Characterful and contemporary, this long handled mixing spoon was hand-carved using sustainable wild olive wood. Our large cooking spoon is designed to hang anywhere in your kitchen, giving it a true rustic look. Ideal for mixing, serving, and cooking, this spoon is a versatile kitchen accessory. 



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