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Meet The Team | Bee

Meet The Team | Bee

We are lucky enough to have a really fantastic team here at Artisans & Adventurers, and we thought it was time you got to know everyone a little bit better! This week we are getting to know our co-founder, Bee...

What is your role with A&A?

As Head of Adventure my role covers sourcing and production. I liaise with our various artisan groups and keep an eye on our productions orders.  When we can travel I visit them to see how they are going and enjoy their feed back on Amy's designs. I also style our shoots in my house and merchandise the shop,  On a more practical level I work closing with the accountants making sure our business runs smoothly.

Tell us 3 fun facts about you!
1.  I love nothing more than landing in a foreign country and making my way around using local transport and by any means necessary to find artisans groups and meet the people of the country.
2.  I have gold medal in ice skating and dedicated most of my youth to it - however South Africa was banned from International competition which made me very happy as I hated competing but loved performing in the yearly shows we put on.
3.. I love cold water swimming and thankfully live by the seaside and. a very beautiful tidal pool in which I regularly dunk myself wearing a costume, booties, gloves and a wooly hat!  It is more of a dunking than a proper swimming...



Who is your biggest inspiration?

My Dad was my biggest inspiration.  He was a pharmacist in South Africa and during his time in army in the WW2 worked in North Africa where he was a medic in charge of keeping drugs cool in extremely. hot climates. This led him to work in the late 50's at a leper hospital in Equatorial Africa where he began his collection of carvings and paintings .  These were displayed all over our house and as a young child I found these items very fascinating as well as his stories about working in Africa.  Many of these beautiful works of art were given away over the years but what I have I treasure as the beginning of my fascination with the art from this vast continent. 

What is your dream travel destination?
Yosemite National Park because of Ansel Adams inspiring black and white landscape photographs


What is your favourite A&A product & why?

Baskets - I love the colourful character of them and their pure individuality and they were the first product that lead me on the road to creating this wonderful business



What 1 piece of advice would you give to help others live more sustainably / ethically?

Buy less and buy well!


You can read our previous interview with Irene here, with Leona here & with Abigail here. If you'd like to know more about our team, click here. You can also get to know our artisans here.  

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