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Adventure | The Neemrana Fort Palace

Adventure | The Neemrana Fort Palace

neemrana illustration by amy fleuriot for artisans and adventurers

A Poem & Illustration by Amy Fleuriot
A palatial playground free to roam 
Through hidden passages 
Carved from stone 
Picture perfect every turn
Palms sway gently 
In terracotta urns 
Swallows, peacocks
Emerald parrots
Swoop about above the turrets 
Flowering bougainvillea and vine
Paint the walls 
In their colourful entwine
Perched upon the mountain side
Near an ancient stepwell
Explored by camel ride
Overlooking Neemrana below
Where life moves fast
Here it's blissfully slow
30 degrees and clear blue above
Chattering insects
Chirp with soft grey doves
A small brass bell that can be rung
For poolside cocktails 
In the sun
When night falls pink
With the setting sun
The palace lights flicker on
Illuminating passages with magical light
Revealing monkeys running riot
Through silent corridors at night

Words & Illustration by Amy Fleuriot

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