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Styling Spring / Summer Jewellery Trends

Styling Spring / Summer Jewellery Trends

We've all had one wild year, with the pandemic unquestionably changing the way we live our lives - from how we spend our time to the way we dress. There has been a huge surge in dressing comfortably, with loungewear sales at an all-time high. However, that doesn't mean you can't accessorise! Jewellery has an amazing ability to lift our spirits and is often one of the most timeless pieces in our wardrobes. We've chosen some of our favourite jewellery trends of 2021 to show you how you can easily style these trends with our ethically produced jewellery. 



Bright Colours 

Bright colours are always in fashion as far as we're concerned, but this Spring/Summer they are incredibly popular - and that extends to your accessories. We think a vibrant injection of colour is just what we all need to lift our spirits! Our Recycled Glass Bead Jewellery Collection is a fantastically fashionable way to add some colourful flair to your outfits. This colourful collection focuses around unique recycled glass beads that we discovered during a souring trip to Ghana. Each bead is framed beautifully in gold-tone recycled brass by Anton & Benta at their home workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. This collection is easy to wear, with each piece being statement enough to wear alone, or you can mix and match to create your own unique, bold look. We love to wear the Klein earrings & ring as a matching set. Colourful jewellery pairs beautifully with neutral outfits, we especially love the Pendulum set paired with a classic pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt.  



Bangles & Cuffs

Another trend that comes back year after year is the classic bangle. Our range of recycled brass and aluminium bangles are the perfect accessory for any outfit. Every bangle is hand cast in Kenya by husband and wife team Anton and Benta. They make all of our jewellery in their backyard workshop alongside their family. Bangles look equally great worn alone as they do stacked up. We love the look of mixed metals and textures - why not try pairing our Hammered Brass Honeycomb Bangle with our Cosmic Aluminium Bangle?  




Pearls are making a big come-back this season. We love their timeless look, but are you looking for a more ethical and sustainable alternative to traditional pearls? Our Signature Pearl Rings are the perfect elegant yet effortless piece that will be in style for years to come. The distinctive design of these pieces features silvery-toned recycled aluminium globes set in high-shine recycled brass. Each piece is hand cast in Kenya by our small scale artisan producers. When it comes to styling these pieces, we think simple is best. The understated elegance of these pieces pairs best with minimal jewellery, such as our Equator Aluminium Ring. The Signature Pearl Rings also make metal-mixing a breeze, so you can wear all your favourite silver and gold toned accessories alongside these rings with ease. They make the perfect statement when paired with more glamorous or sophisticated looks, but will shine equally when styled in a more casual manner. 



Beachy Beads 

A relaxed, beachy vibe is as popular this year as it is every Spring/Summer! Add some beachy style to your outfits with beaded jewellery in seaside hues with our Ocean Collection Jewellery (bonus - it's currently on sale!) Inspired by our fragile oceans our beaded collection is handmade in India to the highest Fair Trade standards, using sustainable materials. Featuring beautiful ombre beads and hammered metal accents, our Ocean Collection can be easily mixed and matched or worn as a full set. As orange and blue are opposite on the colour wheel, this makes them complimentary colours, making them perfect for pairing together to create an eye-catching look. Whether you're strolling through the city or relaxing in a bikini, these pieces pair well with neutral tones to make them really stand out!  



Statement Chains 

 Chunky, statement chains are back and more popular than ever! Both our Tembo Necklace and our Upendo Necklace are special, limited edition pieces made for us by the wonderful Anton and Benta in Kenya.  These pieces remind us how important it is to conserve our wildlife and love the world we live in, together. The pieces are bold, powerful and a direct link to alternative employment in Africa. Our Tembo necklace, meaning elephant in Swahili is crafted using recycled brass, featuring thick chain links and adorned with a poignant carved elephant who's bones are clearly visible. Our Upendo necklace, meaning heart in Swahili, is also made using recycled brass, and is hand cast and polished into unique, thick, heart shaped links. Sure to make an impact, these statement pieces can be worn alone with neutral colours to allow them to stand out. Or, if you prefer a bolder look, style alongside our chunky Upendo Bracelet and stacked rings. 


We hope you found this guide helpful. When it comes to styling your jewellery, do you prefer simple & paired back, or bold & statement? Let us know in the comments below! You can shop our full range of ethically made jewellery here

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