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Sustainability | Earth Day

Sustainability | Earth Day

EARTH DAY by Dani Fessler

Earth Day is a day of observation, started in 1970 as a way of pointing out the lack of accountability people had for their abuses of the environment. It was a direct response to the increase in the number of cars on the road and the rising level of pollution. It is held on April 22 every year.

Earth Day 2018 will specifically focus on ending plastic pollution with an effort to eliminate single-use plastic in everyday society, and push for increased use of re-washable tableware.

Depending on your location you can participate in anything from tree planting to local park clean ups. More than 1 billion people in 192 countries take part in the largest civil-focused day of action in the world currently, so see what's going on near you and join in by visiting the Earth Day website.

As an intern studying abroad, I can personally contest that we live in an AMAZING world. There are endless things to do and see and I want to maintain these things for generations to come. Thanks to movements like Earth Day this is becoming increasingly possible. As I write this, 2,688,209,868 acts of green have already been pledged with the goal of reaching three million for this years Earth Day.

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With the help of everyone this target can certainly be achieved, and we have carefully chosen a few unique and simple ways you can help as well:

1) Conserve water outdoors by only watering your lawn in the early morning or late at night. Use drought-resistant plants in dry areas.

2) We always travel by foot, bicycle and public transport wherever possible but when driving is necessary be sure to keep your tires properly inflated and get better gas mileage. *Reduce your carbon footprint 20 pounds for each gallon of gas saved.

3) Change your paper bills to online billing. You’ll be saving trees and the fuel it takes to deliver your bills by truck.

4) Replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs with efficient CFLs or LEDs. *Reduce your carbon footprint by 450 pounds a year.

5) Move your heater thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in the summer to reduce your carbon footprint by 2,000 pounds.

Want to know more? There are plenty of other ideas in the Earth Day Toolkit. By doing these simple things, you can make a massive impact on our environment and ensure it’s beauty for generations to come.

At Artisans & Adventurers, we take great pride in our environmentally sustainable products. We've compiled an Earth Day Edit featuring some of our most sustainable products that you can feel great about investing in. Our own line of jewellery is made almost entirely from recycled brass and aluminium. Our Insane in the Rain coats made entirely out of recycled plastic, resulting in almost no waste and a purchase that you can feel GOOD about. Additionally, check out our ARTHOUSE Meath organic soap, made entirely with organic ingredients meaning no harsh chemicals that pollute the waterways. If you are a big fan of must-have kitchen essentials that make your guests go “oohhh”, look no further than the beautifully crafted wood heart trays, sugar spoons, and cheese boards, hand carved from sustainable tree plantations in Kenya. The beautiful designs are sure to make your next meal extra special and green!

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