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Ghanaian Brassware | Gordon Frimpong & Kumasi Casters
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Ghanaian Brassware | Gordon Frimpong & Kumasi Casters

We were first introduced to Gordon Frimpong through the British Museum. He has previously worked with the museum curating and advising on an exhibition
of Ghananian textiles. He is currently employed by the Ware Jubilee Foundation at the Manhyia Palace Museum. As well as working at the Museum he also works as a sound engineer at the Kumasi Tradition Council. 

bee friedmann with gordon frimpong in ghana

Gordon pictured above with Bee during her visit to Ghana at the Okomfo Anokye Sword Site in Kumasi pretending the King is sat between them on the middle seat! 

Gordon is thirsty for knowledge and has done many training courses from workshops on archeological site management, tour guiding seminars and has training in traditional textile conservation and preservation and display of traditional textiles.  Gordon has been invaluable to us helping connect us to the traditional casters we work with in Kumasi.

ghanaian brass hook

The casters we work with in Kumasi use an age old casting tradition called Lost Wax Casting which involves carving a design in wax before casting it in metal. They live in a village just outside the busy town of Kumasi. Their grandfathers and fathers were casters and they are carrying on the family tradition which they began to learn whilst still at school. When they had finished their classes for the day they would go home and help their fathers. They really enjoy their work and love creating new designs and knowing that their work is being sold on the international market. They live and work with their families and they also train up other young men who are interested in casting. 

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ghanaian brass hooks and door knockers

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